How To Access ProRAW or ProRes Files on Windows

iCloud app for Windows supports the ProRAW and ProRes format files from Apple devices, especially from iPhones….

how to access proraw or prores files on windows

iCloud app for Windows supports the ProRAW and ProRes format files from Apple devices, especially from iPhones. After this update, users with iCloud for Windows can directly access the ProRAW and ProRes files.

Apple has launched the iCloud app for Windows to make the file system more manageable for both iOS and Windows users. iPhone repair service experts and advanced users usually sync your iCloud photos, contacts, passwords, files, calendar events, mails, and bookmarks with your Windows device.

This improvement is beneficial to those who simultaneously manage both the Windows device and iPhone. So, if you have both the iPhone and Windows PC, update your existing iCloud app for Windows. Or, you can install the latest version of iCloud for Windows through this link.

How to access ProRAW or ProRes files on Windows

Make sure that you have downloaded the application from the Microsoft Store or the official website of Apple. Install the application on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 device.

In case you already have the application, make sure that you have the latest version of the app. Now, follow the below-mentioned steps for accessing ProRAW and ProRes files.

Explore the iCloud app or Windows.

Use your Apple ID to sign in.

Provide the associated password for your unique Apple ID.

This preliminary step will install the codecs automatically for viewing Apple ProRes and ProRAW files on your Windows devices.

You can now view all the Apple ProRAW and ProRes files on your Windows PC. Opening the ProRAW and ProRes files on Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices is not a big deal. The native Photos application from Microsoft already has the needed extension to access them.

So, enjoy your experience with Apple ProRAW and ProRes files along with the help of the iCloud app for Windows.

Access to iCloud on your Windows device will provide you the advantage of easily handling every type of file on your iCloud. Fortunately, the support for Apple ProRAW and ProRes is the advantage of the iCloud application on Windows.

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