How to Add Money to Steam Wallet using Visa, MasterCard, & More

Steam provides multiple payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, or others. Here’s how to add money to Steam Wallet, including using a Visa gift card.

steam wallet payment methods

Steam has the popular Steam Wallet feature. It works just like your regular wallet but for Steam games and other items that you can buy on Steam. Here’s how to add money to Steam Wallet.

The process of adding funds to your Steam Wallet is easy. But some users find it difficult. Regardless of the card, you’re using (Visa, MasterCard, or others — including a Visa gift card), you can add money to the Steam Wallet the same way.

How to add money to Steam Wallet on the Steam website

You can add funds to your Steam Wallet on its website or the app installed on your PC. This tutorial specifically talks to do it on the website.

Open the Steam website, and sign in to your Steam account as usual. Click your profile/account name, then click Account details.

how to add money to steam wallet

Here, click the Add funds to your Steam Wallet button to add money. You’re going to see the amount of money you have on your Steam Wallet.

add funds to your steam wallet

Now, select any amount of money you want to add to your Steam Wallet. Steam doesn’t provide a custom amount, but you can select any of these amount options. Select Add funds.

add funds using visa

Here, enter the payment method (Visa, Mastercard, and others — you can also use a Visa gift card). Enter your information on the card as well. Click Continue once you’re done.

steam wallet payment methods

You’re going to see a summary of your payment you’re going to make. Click Purchase to finally add the funds to your Steam Wallet.

Steam allows you to use Visa, Mastercard, or other payment you can use to add money to your Steam Wallet. You can also use a Visa gift card to make payment.

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