How to Add Multiple Links to Instagram Bio Quickly

one link for multiple links has been added to instagram bio

Instagram allows you to add a link to the bio, but only one. Right now, there is no other method you can do to add multiple links to the bio than these methods you will be reading. Here’s how to add multiple links to Instagram bio.

Putting links on social media is beneficial when you want to direct your Instagram audience to visit a website, your website, your YouTube link, Twitter, Snapchat, SoundCloud, TikTok, VSCO, your location, or GoFundMe.

You can only add one link to your Instagram bio, which sucks for people who need more. Especially for those who want to add a location link without switching to a business account, WhatsApp business link, or any other digital marketing call-to-action button.

While there are solutions, like the ones we’ll be talking about, some still don’t know how to add just one link. If you want to add multiple links to the bio, simply skip to the next section.

How to add link to Instagram bio

There are some ways to add a link to your Instagram bio. You can use the mobile app, the mobile browser, or PC browser.

On the Instagram app

Simply open the Instagram app, open your profile. Tap Edit Profile. You will see some text boxes to put your Instagram profile information, like your name, your username, and your website.

how to add multiple links to instagram bio

On the Website text box, simply put your link there. You can put any link and change the link anytime. Tap the checkmark button to save. Your profile is now showing a link below the bio.

instagram profile

On the mobile browser

If you don’t use the Instagram app, you can use your browser instead. Open the website, logging in to your account, and head to your profile. Tap Edit Profile and then scroll down. Put your link on Website text box, and scroll down.

edit instagram profile to add link

Finally, to save the added link on your Instagram bio, simply tap the Submit button.

save added link on instagram

On the PC browser

If you have no time editing your Instagram profile on the phone, simply head to the website on your PC browser. Tap your profile picture, and select Profile.

add link to instagram bio on web

Now, tap the Edit Profile.

edit profile

Here, you can edit the link on your Instagram bio or adding one. Simply tap Submit to save.

website on instagram

Now, you have added a link to your Instagram bio. But, that’s just one link. Don’t worry, there is a solution to this one link limitation.

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How to add multiple links to Instagram bio by using a simple landing page maker

If you’re not familiar with digital marketing, a landing page is a page from a website that is purposely made to gain conversion, attracting the landing page visitors to sign up or/and buy a specific product from you.

But, instead of containing all necessary copywriting, images of a product, a signup form, and more, this one is a lot simpler and only contains multiple call-to-action buttons which are the links you put together on a single page that is easy to read.

One of the most popular back then was Linktree, which is now (at the time of this writing), unfortunately, stop working due to marked as spam by Instagram, and the website often down, making it unreliable and reduce the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy.

There is an alternative to Linktree, which is called ContactInBio. It works almost the same way and allows you to add many multiple links to your Instagram bio that are useful for your digital marketing strategy, despite the website having a crappy user interface.

Simply head to the website and sign up.

multiple links in instagram bio contactinbio

Enter your name, email, password, and your link username.

sign up to contactinbio

Read and checkmark the terms and conditions. Checkmark the reCAPTCHA as well. Click Sign up.

sign up

At the front, you can simply choose any template to make it easy and fast to add multiple links to your bio.

linktree alternative for instagram

Once you’ve done selecting a template, you can quickly see the link the platform has made for you. It doesn’t work like LinkTree where the link is dependent on the homepage, making it safe if ContactInBio marked as spam, your link might still be able to be visited directly from your Instagram bio.

multiple links for instagram bio

Let’s get back to the editor. As good as it gets, the platform may be difficult to use due to a bad interface, you can simply edit the link by clicking the edit icon on the right side of the link you’d like to edit.

add multiple links to instagram bio

At the sidebar at the right, you can scroll down and customize the button of that link, including the text and of course the link itself. Here, you can put your WhatsApp business link, your YouTube channel, or a GoFundMe link.

website link

At the very bottom, click Save once everything is done.

save multiple links for instagram bio

That’s all. You can now put the link of the simple landing page on your Instagram bio by heading to Edit Profile > Website.

one link for multiple links has been added to instagram bio

Instagram’s limitation to add just one link to the bio making it hard for some people to do their marketing strategy. The limitation drives some people to start landing page makers, and one of the most popular is ContactInBio. It’s free and you can make your own link (subdomain from the platform) as well.

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