ADW Launcher 2 Review: Interface, Experience, Features, and More

ADW Launcher 2 provide the most advanced launcher you can get for free. It allows you to configure more of its features.

adw launcher 2

ADW Launcher 2 become one of the best Android launcher we’ve ever tested. This app has many advanced features you can customized. Cool 3D transition, Nougat to Kitkat theme, widget editor, categorizing your apps, and more. The only limitation is that you have to purchase more if you want more 3D effects.

Here’s video showing the summary of ADW Launcher 2.

Don’t want to watch? Read on!

How to Download and Setup ADW Launcher 2

You can get ADW Launcher 2 by download from Play Store by searching adw launcher. Or, you can directly click here to visit the Play Store page.

Tap Install to start downloading and installing.

Done it? Let’s open the launcher app.

You will see this when you first opening it. It lets you to setup the launcher as good as you would like. You have to choose the theme you would like to use, from Nougat to the KitKat theme. Then you just need to tap Got It to accept the privacy policy.

adw launcher 2

Then, you will see some guides on how to use the launcher. To open app drawer, just swipe up from the bottom of your screen.

The app drawer looks nice and clean.

app drawer adw launcher 2

ADW Launcher 2 Interface and Features

To open up the categories, tap the option button. Tap the plus button to create category. Then you will have to choose list of apps you can add into the category.

adw launcher 2 app drawer category

Let’s see the app folder here. The app folder looks like general Android launcher. It has a button that allows you to show only one main app icon on the home screen.

adw launcher app folder

To change the wallpaper, tap and hold the screen for a second. Tap Wallpapers. Then choose the source of your wallpaper, either Live Wallpapers or your own from the Photos app.

adw launcher 2 wallpaper

Now, tap and hold the home screen for a second. Tap Widgets. You will see clean and simpler widgets rows here. Unlike other launcher where it feels like a mess only to put a new widgets.

adw launcher 2 theme

Now, let’s talk about the theme and colors. In ADW Launcher 2, you can choose between Android Nougat, Android Marshmallow, Android Lollipop, and Android KitKat. The colors themselves are Wallpaper colors (lets your launcher’s color theme adjust based on the colors of the wallpaper you choose), standard colors, light colors, and dark colors.

adw launcher 2 theme and color

Now, let’s talk about the gestures. If you really want gestures feature like the iPhone X and modern Pixel smartphone, this is a good feature you can try.  You can customize your own gesture and function based on how many fingers and where those finger swipe to.

adw launcher 2 gesture

To customize a gesture, just tap any gesture you would like to customize. Then choose any actions, apps, or shortcuts you would want to take on.

swipe gesture adw

ADW Launcher 2 Settings Page

ADW Launcher 2 settings page is a bit different than most launcher app’s settings page. This is direct settings option that lets you customize the launcher in faster way. It has desktop configuration (the home screen), icon appearances, folder appearances, app drawer, template manager, and advanced settings.

adw launcher more settings

ADW Launcher 2’s columns and rows can be configured very easily and super-advanced. It even allows you to customize your screen size and landscape rotation’s appearances. The top panel, dimensions, and more. The only thing you need to pay is when you want more 3D transition.

adw launcher 2 rows and columns

Let’s see the icon settings. It also is super-advanced and has many options that lets you customize the launcher in very geek way. You can change the icon, label, and badges appearances. Also the style, text, transition when you open the folders. This is great because most Android launcher would not provide this much options for free.

adw launcher 2 icon settings

This is the app drawer configuration part. Where you customize the list of apps when you swipe up from the bottom of your home screen. It’s also super-advanced.

The template manager allows you to edit widgets the same ways for other widgets.

adw launcher 2 template

The advanced settings page of ADW Launcher 2 allows you to configures things you can’t configure in simple settings page. Like changing the transition animations, primary colors, orientation, app dock, and more.

adw launcher 2 advanced settings

ADW Launcher 2 User Experience Conclusion

ADW Launcher 2 provide the most advanced launcher you can get for free. Unlike other Android launcher where you need to pay more to configure more appearances, ADW Launcher 2 allows you to configure more of its features.

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