Always Has Been Lock Screen Wallpaper Collections (HD)

Always Has Been meme has become a popular meme in 2020. Now, some artists are creating lock screen wallpapers out of it. Here are the collections that I have saved in the past couple of months (credit included).

But, for those who have no idea what “Always Has Been” meme is all about, here’s a quick history of it. For those who want the lock screen wallpapers, simply skip it.

What is “Always Has Been” Meme?

Always Has Been” meme is simply about two astronauts in space. Originally, one astronaut looks at Earth and realizes that the entire Earth is in another shape or made up of something other than what we actually were taught in school about the shape or how the Earth looks like.

Then, he asks “Wait, it’s all (the Earth’s shape he’s looking at)?” The other astronaut, knowing he now realized that the Earth is actually just that, preparing a gun and says “Always has been”.

The meme is funny because it refers to either another Earth’s ridiculous shape or to an issue that is now trending involving a punchline that doesn’t really make sense. However, the absurdity if it is the thing that makes it funny.

“Always Has Been” Meme Lock Screen (HD)

Here, some artists made lock screen wallpapers based on the meme. Feel free to save it to your phone by right-clicking then choose “Save image as”.

always has been meme lock screen wallpaper

If you have more, feel free to share it in the comment below. 😀

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