How to Make Active Window Always on Top (Windows 11/10)

If you want to watch a movie while working with other windows at the same time, you can make that window always on top. Here’s how to do that in Windows 11/10.

Windows 11/10 has many improvements and it is always getting a new feature. But, there’s still no feature that can make an active window to be always active (always on top of other windows) regardless of your activities on other windows. Here’s how to do that.

After years, Windows 11/10 has gone through many versions and upgrades. This makes some third-party tools stop working well due to compatibility, including tools that make an active window always on top of others. But don’t worry, I’ve collected all of those tools that are still working even if you use the latest Windows 11/10 version.

Although this post specifically uses Windows 10 as an example, you might still be able to apply it on Windows 11 as well. But you’d see slight differences in the interface.

How to Pin Window to be Always on Top using DeskPins

DeskPins is a popular tool, but I’m not sure whether the app is still supported by the developer or not. However, the tool still works on Windows 11/10 which is great if you want to use this tool to make a window always on top.

Click here to download the app. Install it until it finishes.

Now, simply click the app from the System tray.

deskpins launch

Open any window you want to pin or make it always on top, then with your cursor being pin icon, click the border of the window to make it always on top.

pin window to make it always on top

This tool is easy to use. But, there’s another tool that does the same, but a little different.

Make Windows Always on Top of Others with TurboTop

TurboTop is an app that specified to make any window always on top of others even if you don’t open the window. You can make Movies & TV app, Chrome, Microsoft Text Input Application, or others to be always on top.

This app remembers your window so you don’t have to manually pin or make that window always on top.

You can download the app here. Install it until it finishes.

Now, go to the System tray then choose which window you want to make always on top.

windows 10 always on top

How to Make Window Always on Top (Windows 11/10) using AutoHotkey

AutoHotkey is one of the best apps that functions as an automation scripting language, which includes a feature to make any window always on top of other active windows. It’s easy to use, and just like the same suggests, it works by using keyboard shortcuts.

First, you have to go to this page to download the app. Click the Download button on the front page.

autohotkey app to make window always on top

Simply click Download Current Version.

download autohotkey window always on top

If you use Chrome, choose Keep to download the setup file.

download the app through chrome

Now, install the setup until it finishes.

Once installed, right-click the desktop and choose New > AutoHotkey Script.

autohotkey script on how to make windows always on top

You can make any name for the file. Right-click it.

autohotkey script window always on top

Choose Edit Script.

edit script to make window always on top

Simply add this line at the bottom of all lines of code.

^SPACE:: Winset, Alwaysontop, , A

using ctrl+space hotkeys to set always on top

Save the file. Now, double-click the script file to run it, then open any window you want to make it to be always on top of other active windows on Windows 11/10. On that active window, press CTRL+SPACE at the same time.

file explorer

That’s it. Now that window will always on top of other active windows. You can make any window including Chrome browser to be always on top.

always on top windows 10 has been done

If you don’t like the SPACE shortcut and prefer it to be other buttons, you can do that by editing the script file yourself.

If you don’t like using keyboard shortcuts, you can use your own mouse by pinning the window easily using apps that have been mentioned above.

If you’re watching movies or doing other stuff that makes you want to make the window always on top of others regardless of your activities, you can use those three tools to do so. You can also use the app’s built-in feature like Windows Media Player or VLC.

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