How To Fix Amazon Prime “Something Went Wrong”

Some experience that the streaming service can’t be accessed. Here’s how to fix Amazon Prime “Something went wrong” error message on TV.

amazon prime something went wrong

Amazon Prime Video isn’t perfect. Some people experience the streaming service shows an error message. Here’s how to fix Amazon Prime “Something went wrong. Please try again later” error message.

The “Something went wrong” message often occurs on a smart TV. When it comes to smart TV, the solution for this will most likely be fixing the internet connection/cache issue on the TV and Amazon Prime Video app on the TV.

How to fix Amazon Prime “Something went wrong”

Make sure your internet connection is fine and Amazon Prime Video is accessible

Internet connection is the main thing you should check when something doesn’t go well. Try connecting to the same network on other devices and see if Prime Video is accessible on there as well.

If Prime Video can’t be accessed, but you can visit other websites, Prime Video might be down or your internet service provider has its own issue with the Prime Video server.

If this is the cause, there’s no other way to enjoy the streaming service than to simply wait until Prime Video becomes accessible again. Try to contact your internet service provider if you think your ISP has a problem with Prime Video.

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