How to Fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 1060

Amazon Prime Video has a connection issue that confuses some people: the error code 1060 on TV and other devices. Here’s how to solve it.

amazon prime video error code 1060

Amazon Prime Video has an issue with the internet connection on TV and other devices: the error code 1060. Here’s how to fix it so you can continue binge-watching your favorite shows.

What is Amazon error code 1060?

Amazon Prime Video’s error code 1060 is an issue that is related to the internet connection, specifically bandwidth. But it can also be caused by other things. It occurs by showing a message:

“Ensure your device is connected to the internet and then select Retry. If the connection works, but you are still seeing this message, restart the app or contact Customer Service at”

Streaming your shows on Amazon Prime Video costs the bandwidth. The error code 1060 mostly is caused by the fact you have lower bandwidth than Amazon Prime Video requires.

Amazon recommends users to have 1MB/s for SD videos and 5MB/s for HD videos. If your internet connection is slower than that, you might experience this error code 1060 on your TV (like Samsung or LG) or other devices.

How to fix Amazon Prime Video error code 1060

This method can be applied on any device, although this mostly is for TV; and for other issues as well, like the “Something went wrong” error message.

Reset/restart your Wi-Fi router or connection

You can restart your Wi-Fi router or internet connection to fix issues related to the router itself. Sometimes a router that has been turned on for a long time has issues and restarting or resetting it can be a solution.

Then, reconnect it again to your TV or devices, and try streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Contact your ISP or Amazon

Contacting your ISP or Amazon itself can be the most practical way to fix the error 1060. Amazon or your ISP can solve the problem they can only do, like making sure your account or internet plan is right, or whether your ISP limit access to Prime Video.

Close other apps

Closing other apps can be another good solution as well. Your TV might have low memory, that the Amazon Prime Video crashes or fails to connect to the internet and shows the error 1060 message.

Try closing other apps that you don’t use, and only open Amazon Prime Video.

Clear cache for Amazon Prime Video

The Prime Video app uses cache to work, and you might experience the error 1060 because of cache, although it’s very unlikely. But still, you might want to try clearing cache for the app on your TV or device to make sure the error is fixed.

Make sure you meet the bandwidth requirement

This is the most obvious solution: make sure you have the bandwidth requirement. Make sure to have a 1MB/s connection for SD and 5MB/s for HD. Those are the minimum bandwidth required by Amazon Prime Video.

Switch to another connection or ethernet

If you have another connection that works accessing Amazon Prime Video, you might want to switch to that. Or, you can also try using ethernet instead of a wireless internet connection.

Disable VPN connection or proxy

Your TV or device might use a VPN or proxy. You can try disabling those to make sure your internet works perfectly fine since your ISP might limit bandwidth when using VPN or proxy.

proxy settings on windows 10

Amazon Prime Video that isn’t working might confuse you about the solution. But don’t worry, there are many suggestions to solve the error 1060, so you can start watching again without getting interrupted.

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