Apex Launcher Review: Features, User-Experience & Performance

Apex Launcher has become one the most used Android launcher. It has been downloaded over 10 millions time.

apex launcher review

Apex Launcher has become one the most used Android launcher. It has been downloaded over 10 millions time, reviewed by nearly 300K people, with 4.4 star-rating. It has free icon packs and themes that lets you personalize your phone interface. It has a bunch of 3D transition effect that makes your home screen looks cool.

How to Download and Setup Apex Launcher

To get Apex Launcher for free, you have to download and install it from Play Store. Search apex launcher on Play Store, or you can directly click here. Tap Install. Wait for a moment. Then tap Open once it’s done.

apex launcher review

Now, it’s time to setup your launcher. Setting up Apex launcher isn’t that hard. It’s actually simple. You’ll have to choose your app drawer style (vertical or horizontal), setting up the home screen layout, and your transition. Tap Next for each setup.

apex launcher setup

Apex Launcher isn’t entirely free. It’s free to use the features, but you will have to pay more to remove ads. Apex Launcher has great features but has annoying ads, and that may turn off some people. Just tap Skip. If you get asked whether you want to start free trial, just tap Skip if you want to keep the app free. Tap Home screen to get to the home screen of this Android launcher.

apex launcher asking permission

Apex Launcher Interface and Features

Let’s talk about Apex Launcher interface and features. It has general Android launcher features like folder, app drawer, widgets, and theme. It also has dock that lets you put your apps shortcut to stick on the bottom of your screen.

apex launcher home screen

If you swipe left from the home screen, you will see its search features and widgets with modern and nice look. You can add widget by tapping EDIT, then tap Add widget. Widgets appearance of Apex Launcher has ordinary but quite good look.

apex launcher widget

Let’s take a look at Apex Launcher app drawer. This app drawer looks so Material, and you can change the icon shape, too. When you tap and hold an app for a second, you will see the app info and option to uninstall the app. At the right corner, there’s a quick shortcut to change the look of your app drawer.

apex launcher app drawer

When you tap and hold the home screen for a second, you will see ad that constantly shows. Below you will see the quick shortcut to change the way your launcher looks. The Screen Manager option lets you set where the default home screen is.

apex setting

The Themes lets you choose Apex Launcher themes. And also change the wallpaper.

apex theme setting

The Wallpaper lets you choose the wallpaper, and whether you want to enable wallpaper scrolling or not.

apex wallpaper setting

The Effect lets you choose the transition when you swipe through the home screen pages. There are about 10 transition effect you can choose. The transition effects of Apex Launcher are cool and awesome. You may want to purchase more to try some new transition effect.

apex transition setting

Apex Launcher also provide app lock feature. It’s used to set your app a password, making sure no one will open your app while they’re using your phone.

apex app lock

Apex Launcher also lets you to hide apps. You can hide app from the app drawer by using this feature.

apex hide app

Apex Launcher setting page can be accessed easily by tapping Apex Settings. Then, it will shows home screen, app drawer, dock, folder, actions & gestures, hidden apps, app lock, themes, notification badge, weather, some advanced settings, backup & restore menu.

apex more setting

Apex Launcher Setting Page

Let’s take a look at Apex Launcher Home Screen settings. You can choose your own layout & style, scrolling & transition, wallpaper, search bar, widget, and more. You can change the whole layout freely.

apex wallpaper setting page

Apex Launcher also app drawer setting that lets you change the style, layout, icon, app sorting, and drawer behavior.

apex setting page

You can also change the dock of Apex Settings. You can change the look of your dock, the layout, and scrolling effect.

setting page of apex

Never forget about the folder. You can change and manage the way folder looks and feels. You can change the background, preview, and folder animation when you open the folder.

layout apex setting

Here’s more advanced settings of Apex Launcher. Apex Launcher has complete gesture options that you can customize freely.

apex advanced setting

Let’s take a look at the last advanced settings. You can choose your own language, screen lock method, whether you want to normalize icon size or not, choosing app animation, setting up default launcher, and more.

apex launcher

Apex Launcher User-Experience Conclusion

In conclusion, Apex Launcher has more free features than most Android launcher. But the only thing that may turn you off is the fact that this launcher shows ad, and you have to buy the Pro version to get rid of ads. It also has native Material design interface, making it close enough to look like a Pixel.

So, you’ve now known what is great and what is bad with Apex Launcher. You may want to download and install it right away. It’s free and provide many options that lets you customize the launcher the way you want it to be. If you’ve your own favorite launcher, or some kind of feedback, feel free to leave it in the comment below!

If you don’t like Apex Launcher, you can use Nova Launcher or Smart Launcher 5 instead.

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