The 29 Best Chrome Extensions You Can Download Right Now (Updated 2021)

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Chrome has become one of the most popular web browsers over a decade across all platforms. In Windows 10 and Mac, you can install third-party Chrome extensions to add more features that Google didn’t create.

If you’re always searching for the new Chrome extensions you want to try, here’s the list of best Chrome extensions you can install right now.

Google Chrome is well-known for its performance. It’s fast and lightweight. But, for some users, Chrome still doesn’t offer its full potential, meaning there are a lot more things Chrome can do than most people regularly use it.

If you use the best extensions for Chrome, the browser will eventually increase your productivity and makes everything gets done faster.

There are tens of thousands of Chrome extensions in the Web Store. But, not all of them are good for you to use them. Some might even cause an error, like the “Chrome ran out of memory” error.

Only a few of them are great. These Chrome extensions can be used across platforms, from Windows 10, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Here is a full list of the best Chrome extensions to improve your productivity.

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Momentum: Best New Tab Replacement on Chrome Web Store

momentum also is cool chrome extensions

If you’re bored with the boring “New Tab” page on Chrome, you probably would like to try this Chrome extension. Momentum might be the best choice to replace the old New Tab page on Chrome.

It has colorful, HD quality wallpaper, just like Bing Wallpaper. There are more other New Tab page replacement Chrome extensions, but I think this one is the best.

The look of Momentum has a big clock and aesthetic. Instead of getting stressed to open the New Tab page, you will feel a little more pleased doing so. You can also add a to-do list here, and also saving a bookmark on Momentum’s New Tab page.

Download Momentum on Chrome Web Store

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Mercury Reader: Best Chrome Extension to Read Article

mercury reader, best chrome reader extensions

This extension is probably one of the best reader extensions for Chrome. It works by removing all unnecessary HTML and making the page a lot more comfortable for you to read.

This is necessary especially if you’re working to read many blog posts daily while keeping your eyes comfortable reading from one website to another. If you use this, you don’t have to use one of the best ad blockers for Chrome just to block ads.

This Chrome extension also offers you the option to save the article for later, and this works cross-platform too.

Download Mercury Reader on Chrome Web Store

Feedly: Best RSS Reader You Can Try for Chrome

best chrome extensions feedly

Feedly is probably one of the most popular RSS readers around the world. If you’re an avid reader, Feedly is the best app you can have. It is free and provides many websites around many categories.

It has also a Chrome extension, making it easily accessible for its users. If you’re one of Feedly users, this is the best Chrome extension you can get.

Download Feedly from Chrome Web Store

User-Agent Switcher: Switch “Browser” Any Time

user agent switcher, cool chrome extensions

A website has something that can detect your browser name and device. This makes it easy for a website to allow something to happen or to format their website differently for different browsers and devices. But, by using this Chrome extension, you can bypass that and choose any kind of browser you would like to tell the site to.

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This Chrome extension allows you to choose mobile and desktop of Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari on Mac, and iPhone.

Download User-Agent Switcher on Chrome Web Store

Hover Zoom+: Best Chrome Extension to Zoom Thumbnail Image

hover zoom plus, one of the best chrome extensions

You may have always seen a lot of websites showing small thumbnail images. This Chrome extension will allow you to hover over a thumbnail image and see it in a small pop-up.

Many websites still offer small thumbnail images, making it uncomfortable to browse. For example, when browsing Reddit, you can now hover the thumbnail of each post and see it larger.

Amazingly, this Chrome extension also supports animated formats like GIFV and GIF. You can now see a full image without even need to open the web page. This is one of the best Chrome extensions when you’re regularly visiting Reddit.

Download Hover Zoom+ in Chrome Web Store

Session Buddy: Best Chrome Extensions to Save Session for Later

session buddy chrome extensions

Session Buddy is a Chrome extension to save sessions for later. A session is a series of tabs you opened until you close Chrome. When you close Chrome, it won’t save that session.

Instead, Chrome will just open a blank tab once you open Chrome again. This is probably frustrating for someone who always works through the browser and has to access all pages manually again.

This Chrome extension will save you time, and thus increases your productivity.

Download Session Buddy on Chrome Web Store

Pushbullet: See Your Android Notification from Chrome

pushbullet chrome extensions

Yes, you can read your Android phone notifications right from the Chrome browser. Using this extension, you can receive message notifications and send them replies using SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more.

The only thing you require, of course, is to install its Android app from the Play Store.

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Pushbullet also allows you to send files between PC and Android phone. You can also ignore notifications or make them as read, and those notifications will go away in your phone, too.

This is the best Chrome extension you can have while having to work across your PC and Android phone.

Download Pushbullet on Chrome Web Store

Panic Button: a Chrome Extension That Hides All Your Opened Tabs and Restore Them Later

panic button chrome extensions

This might be silly, but a Chrome extension functions specifically to hide your all opened tabs with just one button.

In a workplace case, this is necessary when you’re at work and browsing just for a while, but your manager comes to your computer all of a sudden. This is why the name of this extension is “Panic Button”.

This is one of the best Chrome extensions not just to hide your dirty tabs, but also to save more of your computer resources by closing your tabs and restore them when needed.

Download Panic Button on Chrome Web Store

Adblock Plus: Best Chrome Extension to Block Ads

adblock plus chrome extensions for ad blocker

If you hate annoying ads on websites, this Chrome extension might help you with that. Most websites show unnecessary ads that are irrelevant and even interrupting you to read the content on a website.

But, Chrome actually provides its own ad blocker that is already useful. If you really want to stop seeing ads anymore, this extension can replace them with white space.

Download Adblock Plus on Chrome Web Store

Lastpass: One of The Best Password Manager

last pass chrome extensions

One of the most popular password managers is available as a Chrome extension. This makes its users can easily access websites without entering their username and password anymore.

Lastpass is the tool you need to remember all your passwords from many different sites.

There are many benefits to using Lastpass. You can use the auto-generated password for a website, two-factor authentication, and more. You can automatically log in to many websites without manually entering your password.

Download Lastpass on Chrome Web Store

Evernote Web Clipper: Best Extension for Evernote Users

evernote web clipper best chrome extensions for note-taking app

Evernote is a note-taking app competing with OneNote and among other popular note-taking apps. It also provides its own Chrome extension for note-taking shortcuts and annotation you can do across the websites you visit in Chrome.

You can even capture and edit screenshots using this Chrome extension, and save an article or a web page to read them later in your Evernote app.

Download Evernote Web Clipper on Chrome Web Store

Boomerang for Gmail: Extension to Delay Email Sending

If you ever thought about delaying emails you wanted to send, perhaps this Chrome extension can make that happen. This is important especially when you work with someone across the globe with a different time zone.

If you don’t want to send an email at the wrong time, you can delay and set the email to be sent at their time zone.

Download Boomerang for Gmail on Chrome Web Store

OneTab: Save Tab for Later

onetab chrome extensions

Chrome is a simple browser, well-known for its fast performance to browse the webs. But, having many tabs opened at the same time can still be overwhelming for your PC resources like RAM.

This slows down browsing performance, while at the same time slows down your entire PC performance too. This is not good for your productivity, and you might get stressed out.

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This Chrome extension is absolutely important for Chrome performance. If you want to save all tabs to be opened later, OneTab is the best Chrome extension for you.

Download OneTab on Chrome Web Store

Save to Pocket: Read-It-Later Chrome Extension

Save to Pocket: Read-It-Later Chrome Extension

Pocket is probably one of the best read-it-later apps that has gained popularity among Android and iPhone users. Now, you can use its Chrome extension to easily share any web pages to read them later.

The app is available across devices, including Windows 10, so you can read the posts anywhere and everywhere.

You can also read all saved articles on the web. Save to Pocket is an easy shortcut to save everything and read them easily.

Download Save to Pocket on Chrome Web Store

Google Input Tools: Best Chrome Extension to Type in Another Language

google input tool chrome extensions

If you don’t want to install another language’s keyboard for your operating system, you may want to use this Chrome extension. Google Input Tools can help you write in Chinese characters, emojis, or symbols. This Chrome extension can make users who write regularly in different characters, write better.

Download Google Input Tools on Chrome Web Store

Papier: Chrome Extension to Create Notes

pupier chrome extensions

This Chrome extension is useful for someone who always takes a note while browsing. If you always have temporary thoughts about something, some ideas, some to-dos, you can write them down using this extension.

Papier allows you to write notes on a new tab page, and you don’t have to open a note-taking app to save your thoughts.

Download Pupier on Chrome Web Store

Screencastify: Best Chrome Extension to Record Screen

Screencastify: Best Chrome Extension to Record Screen

Screencastify is probably one of the best Chrome extensions you can get to record your browser screen. Using this extension, you can capture and edit screen recordings.

You can even record your desktop and webcam, narrate with your microphone, embed your webcam into the recording, with HD resolution.

On editing, you can trim the start and end of your videos, create an annotation, and cropping. You can also share videos to Google Drive, publish directly to YouTube channel, share through Google Classroom, save the videos locally, and export the videos like MP4, MP4, or animated GIF.

Download Screencastify on Chrome Web Store

Grammarly: Best Chrome Extension to Write Proper Grammar

grammarly chrome extensions

If you use Chrome to write a blog post every day, or just to write anything that requires proper grammar, this Chrome extension might help.

Grammarly is well-known among writers to help them catch wrongly typed words and even grammar that can’t be easily caught by most spell checker tools. Grammarly can make you a better writer.

Download Grammarly on Chrome Web Store

Strict Workflow: Best Pomodoro Timer Chrome Extension

strict workflow chrome extensions

If you’re familiar with Pomodoro, you may want to apply it to your Chrome browser. This extension can do that. Pomodoro technique is a technique designed to increase productivity by setting up a timer with, normally, 25 minutes of work time and 5 minutes of rest time.

While rest time, you can visit Facebook, Reddit, and other social media, or even making a new cup of coffee.

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This Chrome extension doesn’t just work as a timer, but also as a website blocker. You can block any websites using this extension and those websites can be accessed once the work timer has done. This is an amazing tool to increase your focus to get more things done.

Download Strict Workflow on Chrome Web Store

SimilarWeb: Chrome Extension to See Website’s Traffic

similar web chrome extensions

This Chrome extension is probably similar to many SEO and digital advertising tool out there. SimilarWeb isn’t as complete as Google Analytic or Semrush, but it does help to see a glimpse of website traffic to see if there’s competition for your own website. If you’re a blogger, digital marketer, webmaster, this Chrome extension might help.

Download SimilarWeb on Chrome Web Store

Turn Off The Lights: Extension That Lets You Enjoy Video You Watch

Turn Off The Lights: Extension That Lets You Enjoy Video You Watch

This Chrome extension will make your screen darker when watching a video, like on YouTube. With just one click button, you can turn off the lights of your Chrome and enjoy more of the video you watch. This is amazing if you’re always watching videos on the internet and don’t want to get distracted by the white background.

Download Turn Off The Lights on Chrome Web Store

OneNote Web Clipper: Create Annotation in Chrome

OneNote Web Clipper: Create Annotation in Chrome

OneNote amazingly offers its Chrome extension. OneNote Web Clipper offers you some annotation tools, like highlighting website text, save website content, and choose a section to save the content directly to OneNote. Then, you can read and edit the notes everywhere across devices, and OneNote.

Download OneNote Web Clipper on Chrome Web Store

Save to Google Drive: Save Web Page Content to Google Drive

Save to Google Drive: Save Web Page Content to Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage services. For those who use Google Drive, you can save web content directly to Google Drive through Chrome. You can save documents, HTML5 video and audio, images, and more with a click.

You can also manage the directory where you want to save the files to Google Drive.

Download Save to Google Drive on Chrome Web Store

Checker Plus for Gmail: a Simple Gmail Inbox Checker

Checker Plus for Gmail: a Simple Gmail Inbox Checker

Ever thought to read Gmail inbox directly while browsing without having to open Gmail? This Chrome extension can do just that. You can manage emails, not just read them, and even mark them as read while browsing through Facebook. This is amazing if you work with email regularly, and want to save time as much as possible.

Download Checker Plus for Gmail on Chrome Web Store

Google Translate: Best Chrome Extension to Translate

Google Translate: Best Chrome Extension to Translate

Google Translate is probably one of the best Chrome extensions you can get to translate every word you don’t understand while browsing. The only thing you to do is just to select the text you don’t understand, wait for a second, and a small panel of Google Translate extension will appear — showing you the translation.

Download Google Translate on Chrome Web Store

Hotspot Shield: One of The Best Chrome VPN

Hotspot Shield: One of The Best Chrome VPN

If you ever thought about turning on VPN the quickest way, this Chrome extension might help that. Hotspot Shield is one of the most popular VPN apps among mobile users as well as desktop users. Now, with its Chrome extension, you can turn on VPN as quickly as possible.

Download Hotspot Shield on Chrome Web Store

Google Dictionary: Search The Meaning of Words

Google Dictionary: Search a Meaning of Words

Google Dictionary is probably one of the best Chrome extensions you can download for free to search the meaning of words, without manually searching the words themselves in Google. This will make it faster to learn a new language, and you only need to highlight the text and the meaning of the word will appear.

Download Google Dictionary on Chrome Web Store 

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Download Any.Do on Chrome Web Store

Awesome Screenshot: One of The Best Screenshot Extension

Awesome Screenshot: One of The Best Screenshot Extension

If you want to take screenshots of websites, this Chrome extension is the best for that. You can take screenshots, edit screenshots, and even share screenshots to Trello and Slack. It has been used by 2 millions of users, making it one of the most popular Chrome extension to take screenshot.

Download Awesome Screenshot on Chrome Web Store

That’s all. Chrome has a wide variety of cool extensions, in all categories. You can choose one of them and increase your life, your productivity, and your work just by doing that.

Especially if the extensions work across devices, like Android and iPhone. Those are the best Chrome extensions you can download for free, right now, easily from the Chrome Web Store. What are you waiting for?

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