Best Icon Packs You Can Get for Your Android Launcher

Other than installing an Android launcher, using a good icon pack as a combination could make your phone look greater. Here's a list of the best.

Best Icon Packs You Can Get for Your Android Launcher

The icon is the one thing that made difference to an interface.Google has come up with smoother icons every new Android is released.That icon always makes the Material design better.

If you're interested to use another kind of icon pack for your Android phone, you can read this list of the best icon pack you can get for free on the Play Store. Other than installing a new icon pack, using a good Android launcher as a combination could make your phone look greater.This is why we made this article, if you're using one of the best Android launchers on Play Store but want additional icon packs, here's the list for that.

1.H2O Free Icon Pack

h20 icon pack Just like the name suggests, this icon pack app offers smooth icons that have a "water" theme.

It looks so fluid with their rounded app icons.They also offer those icons in flat design, though not entirely flat, with the addition of rounded icon shape with a little bit of gradient.

Download H20 Icon Pack on Play Store

2.Lines - Icon Pack (Free Version)

lines icon pack This developer made this premium icon pack app its free version.

You will get bunches of white icons that could amazingly be used for dark theme home screen wallpaper.This app is awesomely offering you a cool icon that looks so simple and the black-white theme makes your screen look easier to look at, especially if you love the dark theme of your Android phone.

Download Lines Icon Pack on Play Store

3.Polycon Icon Pack

polycon icon pack for android Polycon is one of the most popular icon packs back then.

But unfortunately, the developer removed the app from the Play Store for unknown reasons.That doesn't mean you can't download them, though.Polycon offers a bunch of great icons that look modern, simple, and elegant.

This is good for Android's Material Design.

Download Polycon on APKPure

4.Viral Free Icon Pack

viral icon pack This app offers the most premium icon pack you can have for free.Yes, for free.

They offer a cool flat design kind of icons that resemble the Pixel look.The icon shape is mostly circle and looks a little bit inconsistent, but still looks totally awesome if you just want the coolest icon pack you can get for free.This app has a 4.6-star rating with 8K reviews.

Download Viral Icon Pack on Play Store


Retro Icon Pack

retro icon pack Retro is an icon pack that offers retro or old look icons.Everything you see there would be bunches of old icon that looks old, with yellow light, and some icons just look different and inconsistent.This icon pack is great for those who want to be nostalgic about the apps that they got used to decades ago.

Download Retro Icon Pack on Play Store


CandyCons Icon Pack

candycons android icon pack CandyCons offers a totally different kind of icon pack.They don't really look modern or matched with Material design on your Android phone, but they offer more icons than any other icon pack.It has a 4.5-star rating with 31K reviews.

The design of the icon they provide looks fine, but not really great.This app doesn't just provide icon packs, but also wallpapers you can get for free, too.

Download CandyCons on Play Store

9.Rogus Icon Pack

rogus icon pack This is a freemium icon pack that has a 4.7-star rating with 8K reviews.

This app looks like the Paper icon pack that we've talked about earlier, but a little bit unique and doesn't objective itself as paper.This is a vector-based icon that currently reaches 3800 icons.You can download this premium icon pack app for free.

Download Rogus Icon Pack on Play Store


Delta Icon Pack

delta icon pack Delta Icon Pack offers slightly customized Material design icons.You can still feel your familiar Google icons here, but with a little bit different.This icon pack looks totally cool with dark home screen wallpaper.

Unfortunately, this app is currently on a semester break for the developers, that's why they don't bring updates that often.

Download Delta Icon Pack on Play Store

11.Moonrise Icon Pack

moonrise icon pack Moonrise is the kind of icon pack app that made a thick border on each icon they offer.They also make it rounded, and some icons just look different and a little bit inconsistent.

But that doesn't mean this icon pack app is not worth trying.You can get it for free, though.This app has a 4.5-star rating with 7K reviews, so no doubt that they offer high-quality icon packs.

Download Moonrise Icon Pack on Play Store


Revolution Icon Pack

revolution icon pack Revolution icon pack is just a typical Pixel icon pack.But that doesn't mean this app is a no because it has a 4.4-star rating with 1K reviews.This app provides all icons for free and they even made a variety of icon you can choose.

For a free icon pack app, this app is good to go.

Download Revolution Icon Pack on Play Store

14.Minma Icon Pack

minma icon pack This icon pack offers totally different than most icon pack apps on this list.They provide really modern and futuristic icon shape and design.

All icons are great for any shape of the icon you choose on your launcher app, and amazingly they made it complete as if they don't miss any app.This app has a 4.3-star rating with 1K reviews.

Download Minma Icon Pack on Play Store

15.Whicons Icon Pack (White Icons)

whiscons icon pack Just like the name suggests, this icon pack app provides only the white icon for all apps in the Play Store.

For those who you dark wallpaper on your home screen, this icon pack app is for you.This app has an amazingly 4.6-star rating with 26K reviews, which proves that this app has great icons for your launcher app, especially Nova Launcher.

Download White Icons Pack on Play Store

16.Voxel - Flat Style Icon Pack

voxel icon pack This app currently has the best flat-style icon pack out there, with a 4.5-star rating with 24K reviews.

That's a lot of reviews for an icon pack app.Voxel has square, bright, flat icons where every one of them looks simple and not intimidating.You can request an icon if the app misses any icon you want it to have.

Download Voxel Icon Pack on Play Store


Flight Lite - Minimalist Icons

glif icon pack Yeah, this icon pack app is absolutely a minimalist one.They don't make a flashy icon with an inconsistent color theme that makes you cringe a little bit.This app is just pure white, with no addition or modification.

This app offers hundreds of icons and has a 4.2-star rating with 8K reviews.

Download Flight Lite Icon Pack on Play Store

19.RETRORIKA - Material Design + Vintage Icon Pack

retrorika icon pack This is just another paid icon pack app.It offers Material design with a vintage palette that makes your regular Android look a little bit different.

It currently has 4100 icons so you probably won't miss the icon you want to see there, and you also can request some new icons if you want.With a 4.8 star rating with 8K reviews, this icon pack app is great.

Download Retrorika Icon Pack on Play Store

20.Umbra Icon Pack

umbra icon pack Umbra icon pack consists of icons with robust dark shadows and black-bordered.

This icon pack looks great for any home screen wallpaper regardless of the color dominance.This icon pack currently costs about $1 and seems worth buying.This app also offers HD wallpaper so you don't have to find another wallpaper yourself that matches this icon pack app.

Download Umbra Icon Pack on Play Store


Linebit Icon Pack

linebit icon pack Line Bit is another paid icon pack that looks so modern and futuristic.Its design consists of a line with a gradient color that doesn't fill the rest of the icon color.Those icons seem so hard to design and require some kind of creativity because the developer successfully makes each icon looks unique from one to another.

Download Line Bit Icon Pack on Play Store


Rondo - Flat Style Icon Pack

rondo icon pack Rondo is just another icon pack that has a 4.7-star rating with 15K reviews.It currently has almost 5000 icons made.Just like another icon pack app, you can also request a new icon there.

The design is a little bit flashy and colorful compared to most Android icon packs out there.

Download Rondo on Play Store

Now you've gathered a list of the best icon packs for your Android launcher.If you happen to have your own favorite icon pack app, feel free to leave a comment below.We'll constantly update this article for the freshness of this tech blog.