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Here are The Best iOS Launcher for Android (2020) with iOS 13 Home Screen, Lock Screen, Notifications, and Control Center

ios notification for android

iPhone uses iOS as its main operating system and Apple has been developing iOS ever since the first iPhone released. Currently iOS reaches iOS 13 version. If you use Android, you might want to try one of the best iOS launcher for Android.

Android certainly has default home screen tied on system launcher depending on the brand and Android version which you are using. But, none of the Android launcher has caught the users attentions, except Pixel launcher. You might want to try one of the best launcher for Android, but still it isn’t as good as iOS launcher.

One of the best launcher is Microsoft Launcher. It has unique look and full features that are free for Android users. If you keep wanting to use iOS launcher for Android, then read on.

Here are some of the best iOS launcher for Android (all launcher can be applied to minimum Android Lollipop version):

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Phone 11 Launcher, OS 13 iLauncher, Control Center by SaSCorp Apps Studio (Complete with iOS Lock Screen, Control Center, & Notification)

You might be asking and wondering, what is the best iOS launcher for Android? Well, the answer is absolutely relative. Different people have different desire about how good a launcher should be. But, this app caught my attention and if you want to try my options, this one is the best iOS launcher.

best iphone launcher for android

This is one of the most complete iOS launcher that has all the features. It has iOS home screen, notifications, control center, and widget page. The folder icon even looks pretty similar and realistic as if you’re actually using iPhone. What makes this iOS launcher app for Android best is that it uses the similar font Apple uses in their iPhone.

If you are confused about choosing which iPhone launcher can look best for your Android phone, this app is definitely one of them. It has nice looking iPhone look and complete with iOS 13 appearance that makes it look so realistic. If your Android phone has full screen mode where you only use gestures, this iOS 13 launcher can enhance that experience.

ios 13 launcher

The notification looks and works perfectly well just like iOS 13 on iPhone. The control center also amazingly looks great with its sliders and buttons, even though you might don’t see exact buttons you may see in iPhone control center. But, this iOS launcher app has nailed everything you think impossible for an Android launcher app to look similarly like an iPhone.

You can install this app right from Play Store without having to manually install the APK.

Download Phone 11 Launcher on Play Store

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Launcher iOS 13 by Launcher OS 13 Team (Complete with iOS Home Screen and Widgets)

ios widget for android

If you’re looking for another best iOS launcher app for Android, this might be one of those choices. Launcher iOS 13 has almost complete features you can get of iOS for your Android phone. This app amazingly looks similar on the home screen, notifications, and more elements inside the launcher.

ios home screen for android download

The only downside about this app is that it has unrealistic folder icons. This is such a turn off for people who are looking for the perfect iOS launcher. Even though it doesn’t look pretty similar, the rest of this iPhone launcher app can be a great shortcut if you don’t want to spend more money to buy an iPhone only to feel the interface of iPhone or iOS 13.

Download Launcher iOS 13 on Play Store

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iLauncher – OS by Mate Software (iOS 13 Launcher for Android)

best ios launcher for android

iLauncher is one of the best iOS launcher app for Android. It has iOS interface that looks good enough. I’m not sure to call this launcher app as iOS 13 launcher since the app describe itself as “iPhone OS 9” or probably iOS 9 launcher. But, this iOS launcher app look pretty similar to the current iOS 13 version even though the home screen icons don’t look realistic enough.

iLauncher has 4.0 star-rating, over 8 thousands reviews, and has been downloaded over 1 millions time. This iOS launcher app can be great tool to make your Android looks like iOS or iPhone. So far, this one of the great iOS launcher without ads.

Download iLauncher on Play Store

Launcher iPhone by SaSCorp Apps Studio (Complete with iOS Notifications, Icon Folder, Lock Screen)

how to install ios 13 launcher for android

You can literally use iOS on your Android phone, with this iPhone launcher. This iPhone launcher looks almost exactly like an iPhone with the latest iOS 13 version. The folder icons look similar and realistic. The dock, the font, the folder icons, amazingly looks real like an iPhone.

ios launcher with ios lock screen, ios action center, ios notification

If you ever thought that you can’t possibly get iPhone looks in your Android, you can try this iOS launcher app. This app amazingly nail everything it can to make your Android looks really like an iPhone.

ios notification for android

This iPhone launcher app currently has 4.6 star-rating with 30 thousands reviews. This app is 100% free and you can make your Android look like an iPhone with this app.

Download Launcher iPhone on Play Store

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Launcher iOS 13 by LuuTinth Developer (Complete with iOS Widgets, Lock Screen, Home Screen, Notifications)

best launcher app for android phone

Launcher iOS 13, just like the name, offer you a more realistic launcher than any iOS launcher app you can find in Play Store. It has the same look just like iPhone home screen, widget, notification, control center, and folder icons. It really looks like an iPhone that you probably think this is not possible.

how to download ios launcher for android

The only downside of this iPhone launcher app is that you have to download separate iOS lock screen app and control center that are made by the same Play Store developer. Don’t worry, those apps won’t slow down your Android performance because so far the iOS launcher app works pretty well if you use low-end Android devices.

how to install ios 13 launcher in android

This iPhone launcher app currently has 4.8 star-rating with more than 600.000 reviews. It’s amazingly satisfying to use this iOS launcher app for my Android phone. I feel like I use the real iPhone even though the experience only cover the home screen, notification, control center, and lock screen.

Download Launcher iOS 13 on Play Store

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Android has many good and cool launcher that you can use to customize your home screen, lock screen, widget page, notification, and more. You can make your Android look like iOS 13 by using one of those best iOS launcher for Android in 2020. Those launchers are still getting updates, unlike some other iOS launchers that are discontinued due to lazy developers.

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