Best Skateboard Games for Android

Finding great games isn’t that easy on Play Store. But, you can read this list to get the best skateboarding games for Android that you can download for free!

3D skateboard game with drifting skill

Android has a lot of free games on Play Store. But there is very few best skateboarding games. Skateboarding game isn’t really popular for most people, but there are always some who are fans of skateboarding game, especially if their childhood has great memory playing Tony Hawk games and want to play them again on Android.

Mike V: Skateboard Party

best skateboard games for android

Mike V: Skateboard Party has been downloaded over 10 million times and has 4.4 star-rating. This has become one of the most popular, and also the closest game that is felt like a console game.

There are some great features inside the game. You can play free skate mode and career mode. You can customize the character. You can win the game by doing some crazy stunts there.

skating game android

Download Mike V: Skateboard Party on Play Store

Flip Skater

2D skateboard game

Flip Skater is a skateboarding game that can be played offline. It’s on a different perspective camera, still 3D, and only require one-tap to play the game. The first goal you have to achieve in this game is just simply to flip.

While the game concept is simple, it’s not that easy to play. It’s challenging and non-boring like most skateboarding games. You can also choose your board, and follow the tutorial if this is your first-time playing the game.

Download Flip Skater on Play Store

Touchgrind Skate 2

3D skateboard games

This game is on another level of skateboarding game. It requires you to play with your fingers using your smartphone’s multi-touch feature. This game doesn’t involve human character to play the skateboard. All you need are just your fingers.

Touchgrind Skate 2 is more like fingerboading game. It takes some minutes to start understanding what this game is all about. But it’s worth it since the rest of the time can be spent to master the challenging game.

You can do different tricks, do challenges, and upgrade your skateboard. There are competition mode, free mode, and Jam Session mode. This game is probably the closest thing to a real life skateboarding game.

Download Touchgrind Skate 2 on Play Store

Real Skate 3D

cool skateboard game

This game also doesn’t involve human character, and probably one of the most realistic skateboarding of all time. Real Skate 3D has been downloaded over 5 millions times.

At first, you will play the tutorial to understand how the game works. Once you get better at your first map, you can unlock new map or location to play the board. The same works when choosing a new board.

You can learn many tricks in the tutorial. The game is simply fun and addicting.

Download Real Skate 3D on Play Store

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Skateboard Party 2

skateboard party

This is one of the most popular skateboarding game on Android. It has 4.4 star-rating and has been downloaded over 5 millions times.

Skateboard Party 2 consist of human character playing the board. You can ride in many different maps, do many tricks, and gain score. You can also play with others using the online multiplayer mode, both locally or globally because there’s an online leaderboard.

skateboard 3d

You change the character’s appearance, the board, the wheels, and even the skater itself. It’s one of the best 3D skateboarding of all time.

Download Skateboard Party 2 on Play Store

Downhill Xtreme

downhill xtreme

Downhill Xtreme has completely different skateboarding concept. Instead of focusing on doing tricks, the game requires you to focus on the race to finish the line.

3D skateboard game with drifting skill

You can choose different exotic maps, different outfits for the skater, and compete with many international players online.

Download Downhill Xtreme on Play Store

Epic Skater

epic skater

Epic Skater is just another popular skateboarding game for Android with 4.5 star-rating. It is played by eight million players online. You can master many tricks and do combos to get highest score.

You can play with your friends through the multiplayer feature, or play with others globally. You can upgrade your stats to increase your skill.

epic skater game

It’s completely free game, but you can buy in-app purchase to upgrade instantly.

Download Epic Skater on Play Store

Skater Boy

skater boy

Skater Boy is also a different skateboarding game. It is a 2D skating game that can be played pretty simply by just tapping two controls on the screen.

The game doesn’t focus the player to do tricks. Instead, it requires player to finish the line and avoid any obstacle as fast as you can. It rides automatically and the only things you need to do just to jump and accelerate.

best skateboard games

Download Skater Boy on Play Store

Bunny Skater

best skateboard games android

Bunny Skater also require you only to jump and accelerate. It rides the board automatically and you have to avoid obstacle by jumping and gain highest score.

This 2D skateboarding game is also fun just like other games. It has simple interface and can be easily understood to start playing. Each level you get through, the harder the game will be.

2D skating games

The game has been downloaded by 10 million people and has 4.4 star-rating. You can get and download this skateboarding game for free on Android.

Download Bunny Skater on Play Store

These skateboarding games are fun and free. Getting bored at home can be easily fixed by playing games. While it is not that easy to find good quality games, you can use this list to get, download, and play the best skateboarding games to spend your free time.

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