7 Best Zuma Games for Android You Can Play Right Now

Zuma is a popular marble shooter game which you can get for free on Android. But, what is the best one? Here’s the list of best zuma game on Play Store.

zumba game best zuma game for android

Zuma is a popular game name that has unique frog character throwing out marbles to the same marbles or marbles that have the same color. Every time you put those marbles together, they will fade away and you will get more scores. But, you might be probably wondering, “what is the best zuma game for Android?”

People often confused to choose which game they would like to install. In this case, they’re confused which zuma game to install. The problem is that there are a lot of zuma game available in Play Store, which you can download for free, but not all of them are high quality with high star-rating, and also good reviews.

Here’s the list of best Zuma games you can download for free on Android:

Jungle Marble Blast by coolstudios

jungle marble is one of the best zuma game for android

Jungle Marble Blast is one of the most popular zuma game or marble shoot game on Android. This Jungle Marble Blast has 4.4 star-rating, with 118K reviews, and has been downloaded over 10 million times.

This game nailed itself to become popular while at the same time keeping the game size for 28MB, which is really small size. The game has Egyptian mythology theme that isn’t boring.

Download Jungle Marble Blast on Play Store

jungle marble screenshot

Zumbla Deluxe by Studios Mania

zumbla deluxe zuma game

Zumbla Deluxe is another, more flashy zuma game that allows you to shoot marbles with more colors. There’s more effect every time the zuma shoot matched marbles. You can also increases your score with power-ups and combos.

The uniqueness of this zuma game is that there’s icing blocker. You can fire a ball into frozen ones to remove the ice, try secret levels that aren’t boring, and finally you will have boss fight which is the final challenge to level up your game.

Download Zumbla Deluxe on Play Store

zumbla deluxe gameplay

You can download this zuma game for free which has 4.5 star-rating and has been downloaded over one million times.

Zumbla Classic by Group Studio

zumbla classic on android

Zumbla Classic is a type of Marble shooter games, where you have to marble shoot rows of colorful marble lines to eliminate them. The Zumbla classic, the balls or marbles will come in the Marble and you have to aim your marble shooter carefully to create match three marbles of the same colors.

Zumbla Classic is classic marble shooter game (or zuma game), and you have to shoot the same color of marbles to increase your score and finally win the game. The game itself is pretty awesome and the only thing that turn off some people is the balls all very classic and a little boring.

zumbla classic gameplay

The game currently has 4.6 star-rating and has been downloaded over one million times.

Download Zumbla Classic on Play Store

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Zumbla Classic by App Cup

best zuma game android

App Cup made Zumbla Classic, which becomes one of the best zuma game ever. It has 4.2 star-rating and has 420 reviews, and has been downloaded over 50 thousands times.

This zuma game is very classic yet unique, making it looks like old game but isn’t boring. The font in this zuma game is easy to read. The balls also looks more realistic compared to other zuma games.

Download Zumbla Classic on Play Store

Marble Legend by easygame7

marble legend android

This zuma game is also one of the best and at the same time is one of the most popular. It has been downloaded over 50 millions times, and has 4.3 star-rating with hundreds of thousands of reviews.

I think this game looks better than other zuma games, simply because the effect and style of the game are pleasing for the eyes. You can see that the balls, the frogs, and the surrounding.

marble legend gameplay

Download Marble Legend on Play Store

Jungle Marble Blast 2 by coolstudios

jungle marble

Jungle Marble Blast 2 is also a popular zuma game made by the same developer, and has 11 thousands of reviews. The game itself has 4.4 star-rating, which is pretty good for marble shooter game.

This zuma game is brand new and very ancient. The Egyptian mythology theme works really well for the game. It is very entertaining to prevent you from getting bored.

Download Jungle Marble Blast 2 on Play Store 

Zumba Games Free by LOVE GAME

zumba game best zuma game for android

Zumba Game Free is a new zuma game that is free to download. But, it has been downloaded over 100 thousands times, and has 4.3 star-rating, which is pretty amazing to look for.

This zuma game looks very classic and attractive. You can get this game for free on Play Store.

Download Zumba Game Free on Play Store

If you’re at home and getting really bored, you play one of these games to enjoy your time more. Those zuma games are free and the interesting part is that each level you go through is getting harder and harder, making the games really addictive.

You can also try games like Archero.

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