5 Best Free Bitlocker Alternatives for Windows 10 Home & Windows 7 Professional

Bitlocker is a nice encryption tool for Windows 10 Pro. If you use Windows 10 Home, you may get confused on finding the best free Bitlocker alternatives.

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Bitlocker is simply an amazing tool in Windows 10 Pro that lets you encrypt a partition and access the files inside it anytime using a password you’ve made. Unfortunately, Bitlocker isn’t available for Windows 10 Home, which makes you wonder: what is the best Bitlocker alternative for Windows 10 Home (even for Windows 7 Professional)?

There a lot of encryption tools for Windows 10 Home and Windows 7 Professional. But only a few are good at encrypting your partition. Some are even discontinued. Some don’t really work well.

Don’t worry, we’ve covered the list of the best Bitlocker alternative for Windows 10 Home and Windows 7 Professional.

Jetico BestCrypt Data Encryption

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Jetico is one of the best Bitlocker alternative works similar to Veracrypt. It uses TPM chips and has AES, Twofish, and Serpent algorithms to protect your partitions and encrypt them using a password.

BestCrypt is easy to use. You can see all encrypted drives pretty easily, encrypt all kinds of volumes, and set up two-factor authentication. But, the software is not entirely free. You have to activate to unlock the full potentials.

Download BestCrypt



Vereacrypt is encryption software that is equivalent to Bitlocker. The Bitlocker alternative software is entirely free to set a password for your partition, including the system partition.

Veracrypt allows you to mount a partition and encrypt it using a password. You can also encrypt the operating system partition which is good if you don’t want someone else to open your system partition.

Veracrypt uses a variation of encryption algorithms, like Twofish, AES, and Camellia. But there are more than that you can find by using the free software yourself.

Download Veracrypt

Sophos Full Disk Encryption

Sophos provides full disk encryption that allows you to secure your entire partitions and backup them at the same time. This gives you a sense of relief and there’s no need to be afraid of losing your data.

It also uses all algorithms to encrypt the data, allows you to set up password and authentication. audit and reporting, data masking, and support cross-platform encryption.

Get Sophos Disk Encryption

GnuPG: Command Line Encryption Tool

While this might not be a good candidate for Bitlocker alternatives, GnuPG has almost the same features just like other encryption software. The only difference it makes is that it has no interface. Instead, you’ll work with the command line (like CMD) to encrypt your device.

For beginners, this tool may be hard. But nonetheless, the tool is still worth to try.

Download GnuPG


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Cryptomator has a nice, easy-to-understand interface that makes it easy for you to encrypt your drives. It’s free and as a Bitlocker alternative, it provides just enough features to secure your partition and the files inside.

The limitation that comes with this tool is that it can’t encrypt the entire disk, sharing isn’t available, and the settings provide a few options.

Cryptomator is also available on iOS and Android. It is integrated with cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and more — making the mobile version a little better than the desktop one.

Download Cryptomator

While Bitlocker maybe a nice, built-in encryption tool for Windows 10 Pro, there are some alternatives that may catch your attention. Especially if you need more advanced encryption features that Bitlocker doesn’t provide.

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