How to Fix Bitmoji Not Working on Android

how to fix bitmoji not working

Bitmoji allows you to create emoji with your avatar. But, some experiences that Bitmoji doesn’t work properly in Android. Here’s the reason why, and how to fix it.

Bitmoji that isn’t working well might be caused by the same reason Tinder or any other apps not working properly. It’s really common but it’s easy to fix the problem and make Bitmoji work again on your Android phone.

Bitmoji Is Not Working Well, Why?

The reason for this happens might be common and obvious. The bug, the server, or your internet connection might not cooperate the way they should. Sometimes it’s on your phone, too, the cache.

App cache mainly should be updated frequently by the phone automatically, but sometimes it just doesn’t work properly and lead the app to work badly even worse, crash. But don’t worry, those are easily fixed problems.

Make Sure Bitmoji Keyboard is Turned On

Bitmoji keyboard is the main feature of the app, besides its feature to connect with others. You can add the Bitmoji keyboard to Android pretty easily through the app, and if you encounter a problem on it, you can use the same method to fix that problem.

Open the app. Then, go to the Keyboard tab. Tap Turn on Keyboard.

bitmoji keyboard setup, enable the bitmoji keyboard

Now, tap Enable in Settings.

turn on bitmoji keyboard

Turn on Bitmoji keyboard by tapping the gray button.

manage keyboards on android

Choose OK.

bitmoji can record everything you type

Choose OK again.

after a reboot, this app can't start until you unlock your phone

Now, the Bitmoji keyboard has been turned on. But, it’s not chosen yet. You have to switch to it first.

manage keyboards make sure bitmoji is turned on

Tap Switch keyboard.

switch keyboard

Choose Bitmoji keyboard.

change keyboard to bitmoji

Choose Finish.

how to fix bitmoji not working

Bitmoji has been turned and chosen. It should work properly now. If Bitmoji still doesn’t work on Android, try doing these next steps.

Make Sure You’ve Switched to Bitmoji in the Settings App

The Settings app on Android contains a lot of options to change things. Including the keyboard you’re using. You can change the Android keyboard language, and change the keyboard back to normal again, too.

Choose Additional settings.

android additional settings

Choose Languages & input.

languages and input android

Now, make sure the Current Keyboard option says “English (US) – Bitmoji Keyboard”. If it doesn’t, switch to Bitmoji keyboard by tapping it.

languages english

Restart Your Android Phone

Alright. This might sound obvious, but no, it may work to fix the problem that Bitmoji doesn’t work well on Android. To restart your device, simply long-press the power button, then choose Reboot.

restart your android phone to fix bitmoji

Force-Close the Bitmoji App

Bitmoji app may need a fresh state. You may need to force-close the app.

To do that, simply go to the Settings. Tap Manage apps.

fix bitmoji keyboard by deleting cache

Search for Bitmoji app. Then choose Force Stop.

force stop bitmoji

Simply tap OK to confirm.

force stop

Bitmoji Still Doesn’t Work? Try Clearing the Cache

Clearing cache will most likely fix the problem since apps mainly stop working due to a cache problem. Here’s how to fix it.

On the app’s detail page, simply tap Clear data. Choose Clear cache.

clear bitmoji cache

Tap OK.

clear cache

Update the Bitmoji App through the Play Store

If anything doesn’t fix the Bitmoji problem, you may need to update the app. The developer regularly brings an update for their app to make it work properly against the bug or anything that needs improvement.

Bitmoji is a great app, with a nice-looking keyboard. But, sometimes there’s a problem in the app, and the above methods may solve the problem.

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