How To Fix: Can’t Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy on Android

Some Android apps don’t allow you to take screenshots and show a message saying “Can’t take screenshot due to security policy”. Here’s a solution.

how to fix can’t take screenshot due to security policy on android

Android provides the ability to take screenshots. But there are certain conditions when you can’t do that. Those conditions bring you a seemingly error message saying “Can’t take screenshot due to security policy”, which fades away after a few seconds.

You might get confused about this message after you have pressed the volume down button with the home button at the same time to take a screenshot. Here’s why you see the message:

Why you see the “can’t take screenshot due to security policy” message

The message shows due to some apps, like Netflix, Facebook, Webtoon, and more just don’t allow you to take a screenshot when the app displays copyrighted content (like Netflix shows) or just to protect the users’ privacy like Facebook or Telegram secret chat.

Other apps like Chrome also disable the screenshot feature in the Incognito tab (except Chrome Canary which is explained below). Regardless of the phone, whether that would be Samsung S8, Samsung S10, or Samsung S9, taking screenshots is sometimes not allowed under certain conditions.

Some smartphone also shows different messages, like “This app doesn’t allow taking screenshot”, which also means the same thing. You’re not allowed to take any screenshots, even if you can, which might violate the security policy which the app is trying to enforce.

How to fix the “can’t take screenshot due to security policy” message

You can fix the error message by contacting app or service support if you really want to take screenshots. Some apps like Signal might allow you to disable the security feature that prevents you from taking screenshots.

This post will explain to you the detailed guide on what you can do about the message:

Contact the app support if you really need to take screenshots within the app

If you really need to take screenshots within the app, you may need to contact developer support for other alternative options, for instance, if you want to get information about your account, you probably can get another form of information like getting PDFs or something sent to your email.

Contact the IT department if your phone can’t take screenshots

If your phone is given by a company for specific usage that doesn’t allow you to take screenshots to protect the device security (like the phone from school), you may want to contact the IT department to gather the information you need in a different way other than taking screenshots.

Disable the privacy or security feature that prevents screenshots from being taken

Some apps or some phones might allow you to disable a security feature that prevents you from taking a screenshot. Signal for example allows you to protect your chat by disabling the screenshot feature.

Here’s what you can do in Signal (and similar apps, you might encounter different methods due to different interfaces).

Simply open the app. Go to the Settings page of the app.

signal settings

Tap the Privacy option.

privacy settings on an android app

Here, simply disable the Screen security option. If it is disabled, you can take screenshots within the Signal app.

screen security

Restart the app to apply the changes you just made.

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Install the Chrome Canary, an unstable version of Chrome that allows you to take screenshots in Incognito

Chrome might allow you to take screenshots in Incognito mode in the future, but it’s now available in Chrome Canary, which you can get for free on the Play Store.

Download Chrome Canary

  1. First, install the canary
  2. Open it. Then go to this URL: chrome://flags
  3. It will open the Chrome Flags, which contains all hidden options that you can enable or disable, including an option that allows you to take screenshots in Incognito.
  4. Search for “screen”, “screenshot”, etc. until you find Incognito flags
  5. Simply choose the Enabled option for Incognito Screenshot.enabled
  6. Relaunch the Chrome Canary app.enabled option
  7. Now, open the Incognito tab, and you’ll be able to take screenshots've gone incognito

It’s really unfortunate that you can’t bypass the security feature the app is enforcing, except if you have a good and legal reason to do so. But don’t worry, you can simply contact its developer or your IT department of the company/school to gather information in another way, or simply use Chrome Canary instead of regular Chrome.

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