What Are CFG Files and How Do You Open Ones?

You may encounter the CFG files on the directory of the apps/games you have. Here’s what CFG files are and how to open one on Windows 10.

what are cfg files and how do you play open ones

File extensions are many, and each of them is used differently, including the CFG files. So, you encounter one but don’t know how to open it, or, you might one to create one. Well, here’s the guide to do all of those.

What are CFG files?

In simple terms, CFG files are configuration files that are used to set the basic settings of computer software, like apps and games. Games like CS:GO allows users to customize their own settings by editing the configuration file.

You will not just encounter CFG files on Windows, but also on Mac. You can find them usually on the directory of the program itself, like Program Files on Windows.

They can be edited by a regular user to customize the basic settings of that particular app/game since they’re saved in a text format. Thus, you can edit CFG files easily using a text editor like Notepad, even create one.

But keep in mind that CFG files are always used by computer programs or games when opened. So you have to be careful customizing settings by changing the CFG files and have to back up the CFG files before editing them.

Other than CFG, configuration files have other file extensions, like: .conf, .ini, .cnf, and .cf.

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How to open CFG files on Windows 10

You can open CFG files on any Windows version using Notepad, including Windows 10 and the new Windows 11. You can also use a third-party Notepad++ for more features but the built-in one on Windows is enough.

To do this, simply open File Explorer. Search for the CFG file you want to open. Right-click on the file, and select Open with.

opening cfg files on windows 10

Here, select Notepad from the list. You can checkmark Always use this app to open .cfg files to keep using Notepad to open this file extension. Select OK.

using notepad to open a cfg file

You will then see the CFG file being opened on Notepad. You can edit and make changes to the CFG file as you want.

config on notepad

Once the editing is done, you can save the file or save it as a new one.

save a cfg file

To save as a new file, select Save as on the File menu. Select All files on Save as type, and then add .cfg at the end of the file name. Select Save.

saving cfg file on notepad

CFG files are simple text files that can be edited easily using Notepad. Make sure you have backed up the CFG files before editing them to make sure the apps or games running with the files are fine.

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