How To Fix Challenge_Required on Instagram When Signing In

how to fix challenge required on instagram

The popularity of Instagram makes it more vulnerable to security issues, which is why the “challenge_required” message on Instagram shows when you try to sign in. Here’s how to fix it.

Instagram provides this message when it doesn’t trust your device to sign in to the account you try to sign into. Almost similar to Discord’s “you are being rate limited” message, but can be triggered without any reason.

Thus, this creates confusion among Instagram users who think they have no problem with their accounts and want to sign in to a device. Fortunately, this issue is solvable, although there’s still no guarantee it can be solved. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up.

How to fix challenge_required error on Instagram

This challenge_required error might happen on any device, but most case happens on Instagram’s iPhone app. You can definitely apply these on any device.

Clear Instagram app cache

Your Instagram app might be the problem, and in most cases, you can fix it by just clearing the app cache from the Settings. But keep in mind this will remove the data from the app, meaning you will be signed out of already signed-in accounts on the Instagram app.

You can do this on the Settings, find the app settings, and select Clear dataClear cache.

instagram app delete cache

Use a VPN

If you still can’t sign in to your Instagram account on your phone, try using a VPN before doing it again. Your IP address might have been blocked by Instagram that prevents you to sign in to your device.

You can use any VPN app you can find on the Play Store or App Store. Install it, and then activate it. Try signing in again to Instagram using the official app.


Try to sign out of third-party Instagram services/apps

Make sure you aren’t signed in to any third-party unofficial Instagram services/apps like most Instagram tools that require you to sign in with your Instagram account to use them.

This kind of app might make Instagram thinks your account has suspicious activities which prevent you to sign in to a new device.

Try to sign in to the Instagram website instead

If you receive challenge_required problem when signing in on the mobile app, try signing in on the web instead. If you receive the error on the phone, try signing in on your mobile browser.

Once you have signed in to the browser, try signing in on the app.

Contact Instagram support

If none of the above solves the challenge_required problem, try contacting the Instagram official support. You can contact them to actually fix the challenge_required issue so you can sign in again to your phone.

Instagram shows challenge_required error message when a user tries to sign in to a new device. If you suddenly receive the message, don’t forget to reset your Instagram password to secure more your account until it can be accessed again by you.

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