Here’s How to Change Background Color in Word

change page background color

Microsoft Word, the popular word processing tool has a feature that lets you change background color in Word. If you use Microsoft Word regularly, you might find it boring to write document with white background. Or, you might want to print another background color for document using Microsoft Word. Here’s how to change background color in Word.

Microsoft Word has a lot of advanced features. You can add ruler in Word, change margins, insert check mark, and even make brochure. It is possible for users to change word background color, page background color, even Microsoft Word theme itself. There are many stuff you can change background for in Microsoft Word. We’ll talk about all those stuff and you can jump to the section you want to read on.

These methods can be applied in Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Word 2013, Microsoft Word 2016, Microsoft Word 2019. You can also do these things both in Windows 10 and Mac.

How to Change Background Color in Word’s Page

When people says they want to change Word background color, they refers to the page color which is the paper of the document in actual print condition. If you change page color, that means you will spend more inks to fill the color for the printed papers, that is also applied in Microsoft Word for Android. But, for those who really want and insist to do it, here’s how to change Word background color:

Open Microsoft Word. Open for the document you want to change page color for, or you can create a new blank document.

Now, go to the Design tab on the ribbon.

Click Page Color. This is where you can change Microsoft Word background color for pages. You can also change page border color, or even add watermark to the page.

To change background color, just click any color available on Theme Colors. You can also choose any color from Standard Colors. If you want a default transparent background, you can choose No Color so that you don’t waste more printer inks.

change word background color

However, if you feel like there’s no desired color you want in Theme Colors and Standard Colors, you can choose your own color by clicking More colors. You can choose more background color to apply for Microsoft Word’s page. This is necessarily important if you want to change to specific background color.

change background color in word

Now, you will see Custom tab. You can move the selector to pick any color and change its level. You can choose color model from RGB to HTML.

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how to change word background color

However, you might think that is too hard for you to pick a good color. You can choose Standard tab and pick a nice background color if you want to change to that color in Microsoft Word. Click OK to apply.

change page background color

Microsoft Word also offer page border for users to change border for the page. It also includes a feature to change page border color, not just page background color in Microsoft Word. You can do that by going to Design tab, and clicking Page border at Page background group.

page color

If you want to change the shading, you can change to another color by selecting any color in Theme colors and Standard colors. This will be applied for your future paragraph written in your document, not the border.

select page color on microsoft word

How to Add Picture to the Word’s Page

Microsoft Word also provide a feature to add picture your page’s background. This makes a better alternative if you don’t want to change Word background. You can do that in Design tab, and select Page Color. Then, click Fill Effects.

page color > fill color

Now, for addition, you can change the background color to gradient color, too. You can choose any shading styles, transparency level, and gradient color to apply to Microsoft Word’s page.

adding gradient color to microsoft word background

Now, to change Microsoft Word background to picture, you can do that by clicking Select Picture.

change page shading background color

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How to Change Word/Text Background Color

text background color

When you paste content from website, for example Messenger, you might find it is hard to paste a normal text background color. You pasted a paragraph from a website, you bring the website’s background color of the text in Microsoft Word. Here’s how to fix that.

Select the text you want to change background color for. Click Borders at Home tab on the ribbon.

remove text background color

Click Borders and Shading to change the background color of the text.

borders and shading microsoft word

At Shading tab, you choose No Color on the Fill.

change text background color

Click OK to make the background color of the text white again in Microsoft Word.

apply to paragraph in microsoft word

How to Change Microsoft Word Background Color

Microsoft Word also offer a feature that lets people change the entire Microsoft Office background including Microsoft Word. But this kind of “background” is a background that you can see in the upper-right Microsoft Office apps, including Microsoft Word, like the image below.

Click File tab.

change office theme

Go to Account and click the combo box on Office Theme or Office Background.

change office theme background

You can change the Microsoft Word background to another one. There are some Office backgrounds available for you to use.

change office theme background color

Microsoft Word has some methods for users to change background. You can change page background color, border color, text background color, and even Microsoft Office background color. Specifically, you can change page background color on page so you can print out different paper color by using the first method.

2 thoughts on “Here’s How to Change Background Color in Word”

  1. Melissa Wilkerson

    I have been trying to figure out how to change the background/page color in office 365 word on mobile device running Android 10. Can someone PLEASE help me figure this out? I’d really greatly appreciate any assistance I can get at this point because I can’t find a solution anywhere online. The actual Microsoft website where you can go learn how to use the office 365 apps has this as one of the lessons, HOWEVER, it’s only referring to the actual desktop app, it doesn’t mention the mobile apps in it at all. It should go without saying that, of course, I have already attempted following the same instructions as they give for the desktop app & needless to say, a few of the menu options such as “Design” “page color” under layout are missing in the mobile version of the app.

    Again, any assistance will be appreciated to the fullest. Thank you in advance. Have a great day!

    1. As far I as know, Word on mobile has limited features, and yes, there’s no “Design” tab on the mobile app making it impossible to change how the page looks like other than changing the layout, margin, and stuff. Even Word Online doesn’t provide the “Design” tab. Currently, on the beta version, the Word mobile still doesn’t have the feature.

      The only way to write in the mobile app with the background color you want is by changing the background color first on the desktop app. When creating a new document, you can Save As to keep writing with the same background color.

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