How to Change Default Font in OneNote

change onenote font

OneNote is one of the most used note-taking app. It’s a good note-taking app that lets you manage your notes across different platform from Windows 10 PC to Android smartphone. It’s amazingly simple and has bunch of great note-taking features, including to customize the style. Like changing the default font.

Today, we will learn how to change or set the default font for OneNote: what kind of font you would like to use and the font size.

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How to Set Default Font in OneNote Windows 10

Setting a default font in OneNote has never become a hard thing. It just takes a few clicks.

Open your OneNote app.

Tap that three dots button on the corner. It will shows Settings button.

Wonder we use OneNote in dark theme? You can also change your OneNote to dark theme.

change onenote font

Tap Settings to open settings menu that allows you to change your default font.

Now it shows you more menu. Tap Options.

Here it is. To change the default font in OneNote, just choose any kind of font you would like in Default Font menu.

You can choose font the same way you do in Microsoft Word.

Now, change the font size.

That’s it! Now, when you create a new OneNote note/page, you will automatically use the font you set.

But, unfortunately, that option doesn’t change the font on all your notes/pages that have been created. That only applies to the new note/page you create next time.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t change font on all already-made notes and pages manually. To do that, just select all text that you want to change font (just press CTRL+A) then change the font on Home tab, the same way you do on Microsoft Word.

That’s it! Now the font have changed.

If you use Android, you will notice the notes you change the font size earlier will apply on OneNote in Android.

How to Change Default Font in Android

Unfortunately, OneNote Android doesn’t allow you to change default font for newer note/page yet. You have to change your device’s default font if you want to change the font on OneNote. But in the future though, OneNote will probably make an update that allow you do that.

If you have any question, feel free to ask on the comment section below.

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