How To Change Discord Username & Nickname

You can use a custom name on a Discord server or your username on all servers. Here’s how to change your Discord username and nickname easily.

edit discord username

Discord allows its users to change their username and nickname. These two things mean different things and you are probably confused when first time hearing them, and if you want to change them, you can read to learn how.

Discord has these two ways to make it easier for users to identify themselves on a server or on a Discord app in general. Unlike other social media or messaging apps, Discord allows you to change all of the two.

Differences between Discord username and nickname

But first, you might want to know the difference between Discord username and nickname. Some users might only ever heard about one of these, and you might not want to rename or change the wrong one.

What is a Discord username?

A Discord username is your Discord name that applies to all servers by default. If you change your Discord username, you will apply it on all servers.

What is a Discord nickname?

A Discord nickname is your Discord name/username that applies to only particular servers that you change on your own. By default, on a server, you’d see your own username as your nickname. But you can have your own nickname so you seem like you have a different username on that server.

How to change Discord username and nickname

Fortunately, changing both Discord username and nickname is possible. With one exception: not all servers allow you to change your nickname, with a probable reason of avoiding members using an inappropriate nickname.

Change Discord nickname

To change or rename your Discord nickname, you can do that by opening the Discord server in which you want to change your nickname.

change discord username

Select Edit Server Profile.

discord edit server profile

Here, below NICKNAME, you can change your username to something else for this server only, which is called “nickname”.

server profile discord

If the server doesn’t allow you to change your nickname, you’ll see a message saying You don’t have permission to change your nickname in this server.

server profile discord nickname

Select Save changes to apply the nickname.

saving a new discord username

You’ll now see that nickname on that server only.

Change Discord username

Changing or renaming your Discord username will apply to all other servers, and if you wish to use a custom nickname, you have to change it manually.

Select the gear icon which says User settings.

discord user settings

On the right side of USERNAME, select Edit to change or rename the username.

edit button

Here, simply enter the new username and current password. Select Done to save it.

edit discord username

You’ll now see your new username on all Discord servers, except the one you have made a custom nickname in.

Discord allows you to change your username which applies to all servers and nickname which applies to only one server. Now, you can identify yourself with a different custom username on a Discord server.

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