How To Change Facebook Marketplace Location

change facebook marketplace location

Facebook has the marketplace feature which can be used by anyone who wants to sell and buy from and to anyone who’s nearby. But sometimes Facebook gets the wrong location. Here’s how to change the Facebook marketplace location.

There can be a mistake when an app or website detects your location. You could be using a VPN, a different network, or misconfiguration on your GPS, and your location on the Facebook marketplace can be different than it is supposed to be.

Whether you’re making new listings or trying to buy something, you can change your Facebook marketplace location easily. You can do this on the website and the mobile app on Android or iPhone.

How to change the Facebook marketplace location

Simply open and sign in to your account. On the left, you can see the Marketplace tab. Click it to open the Facebook marketplace.

marketplace button

Here, on the left sidebar, scroll down until you see the Filters. Below it, you can see your current location and its radius. That radius determines the product location range from your own location.

change location on facebook marketplace

Here, select the desired location and its radius. The closer you want to get to the seller, the less kilometer you should select. You can also manually mark on the map.

selecting radius

Select Apply once you’re done.

saving the new location on facebook marketplace

You should now see products from the desired location you have chosen.

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How to change the Facebook marketplace location on Android/iPhone

Android and iPhone version of Facebook has different way to change the marketplace location. Select the hamburger button on the app. Select Marketplace.

change facebook marketplace location on android/iphone

Here, below the Sell and Categories buttons, click the current location to change it to a different location. Here, you can search the new location and its radius. Select Apply to save.

selecting the new location

You should now see Facebook marketplace products from the new desired locations within the radius you have chosen.

Facebook makes it easy for you to find products from anywhere and how far or close you can get to the seller or buyer. If you want to make a listing, the current location is going to be used but you can change it to a different one for the listing.

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