How to Change Mouse DPI on Windows 10 (Mouse Sensitivity)

Sometimes it’s important to adjust your mouse DPI for the best gaming experience. Here’s how to change mouse DPI on Windows 10.

mouse on control panel

Gaming or just simply being productive requires enough mouse DPI that matches your habit of touching the touchpad or moving the mouse position. Here’s how to change mouse DPI on Windows 10.

DPI stands for dots per linear inch, a measuring standard about how sensitive your mouse is. A larger DPI value means a more sensitive mouse. You can change how fast or slow your cursor moves when you move your mouse.

You can change the mouse DPI on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, using your mouse itself, or by changing the game settings on mouse sensitivity. You can also update your mouse driver to fix sensitivity issues.

How to check your mouse DPI

Sometimes it’s important to know your mouse DPI or sensitivity because DPI isn’t always the same on every mouse. Depending on your mouse, you can check the DPI on the official manufacturer’s website.

Especially for the branded ones, looking for your mouse DPI should be an easy thing to do. However, if you still don’t know your mouse DPI, you can still change or adjust your mouse DPI.

How to change mouse DPI

Using Windows 10 Control Panel

Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 have Control Panel that allows you to adjust your mouse settings easily, including changing your mouse DPI or sensitivity.

You can open the Control Panel through the search or the Start menu.

change mouse dpi on windows 10

On Control Panel, search for “mouse”. Click Mouse to open the mouse properties.

mouse on control panel

Click the Pointer Options. On the “Motion”, simply adjust or change your mouse DPI by moving the slide position from slow to fast.

select a pointer speed

You can also disable the mouse acceleration by unchecking the Enhance pointer precision. Click OK to save.

disable enhance pointer precision

Your mouse cursor now will move either slower or faster depending on your adjustment. You can always readjust if you are not satisfied with the mouse DPI you currently have.

Using the game’s mouse sensitivity settings

Some games have their own mouse sensitivity settings, allowing you to adjust mouse DPI on specific games. This can be useful so you don’t need to adjust your mouse sensitivity for some other games or using your computer in general.

Using the mouse button

Some advanced gaming mouses have their own buttons that allow you to change the mouse DPI. But usually, their buttons can’t be customized or adjusted, and you can only choose provided DPIs.

How to update your mouse driver to fix mouse DPI issues

If you have mouse sensitivity issues, and changing the mouse DPI doesn’t solve your problem, you can try updating your Windows through Windows Update.

If Windows Update doesn’t provide your mouse driver’s updates, you can try using other methods to update your driver.

Mouse sensitivity is an important aspect of gaming and productivity. If you have the wrong sensitivity when working or playing a specific game, changing the mouse DPI can be really helpful.

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