How to Change PlayStation Network Online ID for Free

playstation network your online id has been changed

PlayStation Network has the online ID as your account’s username. But just like everyone else, you might not like your old ID. Here’s how to change PlayStation Network online ID for free.

Your old PlayStation Network online ID might not be as good as you thought when you first signed up. You may have used your real name (which you shouldn’t, for privacy), or you simply come up with a better online ID you want to use.

Regardless of the reason, changing your PlayStation Network online iD isn’t that hard. But it is limited. It’s free if you haven’t changed your online ID. But if you have changed it previously, you will have to pay to change it the second time.

Just like changing your Xbox gamertag (or username), PlayStation Network doesn’t make it free to change your ID twice. Unlike Epic Games, which only limits you for two weeks after Epic Games username change.

Thus, if this is your first time, make sure you’re really determined to use this new online ID and hold it forever (if you don’t want to pay to change it a second time).

Your new online ID should be applied immediately for all games. Although that doesn’t guarantee you won’t have issues with the new PSN ID. Check out this page to see if the games you played might be affected.

How to change PlayStation Network online ID

You can do this easily on the official website. Simply open the page and sign in. Click your profile, and go to Account Settings.

You’re going to see this page. Select Profile.

change playstation network online id

You’re going to see your current online ID. Simply click Edit to change it.

edit online id for playstation network

Hee, click Continue because it has to redirect to another page.

you will go to another page

You may need to sign in again.

sign in playstation

Once you have signed in again, click I accept while agreeing to the terms of service and more.

accept terms of service

Click Continue to proceed.

continue button

Here, you’re going to see your current online ID and its creation date. In the textbox, simply enter the new PSN ID you want to use. There are few suggestions as well if you want.

Click Check availability to see whether the new PSN ID can be used.

change online id to a new one

If the new PSN ID is available, you’re going to see this. If this is your first time, you’re going to see that the change is free. Click Confirm.

online id is available

Now, you have to decide how you want your account to look like. Your new PSN ID might confuse your friends. You can either choose to show your old online ID after your new one or not. Click Confirm.

using old playstation network online id

Here, simply select OK when there’s a message saying that our online ID has been changed. You’re going to be signed out.

playstation network your online id has been changed

Once you have to sign in again to your PSN account, you’re going to see the new online ID on your Account Settings > Profile.

psn online id has been changed

PlayStation Network lets you change your online ID for free but only if it is your first time. Although the second time isn’t free, it might be worth it to pay if you just want to get rid of the old online ID and really want to use the new one.

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