How to Change Spotify Playlist Picture on Android/iPhone/Web

Spotify allows you to change the playlist cover, and you can choose your own image. Here’s how to change Spotify playlist picture easily.

how to change spotify playlist

Spotify provides you a personalized way to manage your own playlist. This gives you the freedom not just for naming the playlist but also to add your own image for the cover. Here’s how to change Spotify playlist picture.

By default, Spotify uses the combination of all the songs’ album covers as the playlist’s cover. It has no custom picture and changes automatically every time you add or remove songs from that playlist.

But for some specific playlists, the default cover isn’t enough. You can add your own picture as the cover of your playlist to personalize it the way you want.

You can do this on Spotify apps (Android, iPhone, Windows 10 desktop, Mac) and the web. The change you make is applied to all devices you use Spotify on immediately.

How to change Spotify playlist picture (web and desktop app)

Spotify has a web player and desktop app which look similar, so the method to change the Spotify playlist picture is going to be similar.

Simply open the Spotify app/web player. Sign in to your account if you didn’t. Open the playlist the cover you want to change with your own picture. Click the three-dots button to see more options.

how to change spotify playlist

Here, simply click Edit details. The option where you can change the name, the description, and the cover image of the playlist.

edit details

Here, click Choose photo to change the Spotify playlist picture.

choose photo for spotify playlist

Browse for an image, and select it. The change is immediately applied.

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Change the Spotify playlist cover on Android/iPhone

Spotify on Android or iPhone provides the same method to change the cover of the playlist. Simply open the app, and open the playlist.

Tap the three-dots button at the top-right. Tap Edit playlist.

edit playlist image on spotify

Here, you can change anything about the playlist, including changing the image. Simply select Change image. Select Choose photo to browse.

change image

To select, simply tap the image. Tap Use photo to apply that image as the playlist cover.

choose image

Tap Save to apply the new playlist picture. You’re going to see the new playlist picture immediately, including on other devices.

save new picture for playlist cover on spotify

Spotify has the playlist feature, and it can be personalized the way you want, including the playlist picture. You can change it multiple times and with any picture you own.

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