How to Change Telegram Username as Fast as Possible

Telegram makes it easy for you to interact with others without letting them know your username. Here’s how to change Telegram username quickly.

telegram username is available

Telegram, the popular messaging app provides a username, and you can make your own pretty quickly. Here’s how to change Telegram username as fast as possible.

A username can be useful to let others contact you without them knowing your phone number, which is something WhatsApp and Signal don’t have. You can also hide your phone number on Telegram, protecting your privacy even more.

But, for some, changing the Telegram username isn’t an easy task.

How to change Telegram username in Android, iPhone, web, & desktop

This method to change your username in Telegram can be done on all platforms. Simply open the app or the web app. Tap the hamburger menu.

change telegram username

Tap Settings.

settings button in telegram

Here, in the Account section, tap the Username to change it. This also works when you have never set up a username before.

none username in telegram

Here, simply type the new Telegram username. As written on the app, you can use letters and numbers, including underscores if you want.

your username in telegram

Once you found the username that is available, which is marked with the green text below it, you can now tap the checkmark icon at the top-right to save it.

telegram username is available

Here, your username appears on the account information on Telegram.

telegram username is made

How to remove your Telegram username

You can decide not to use a Telegram username if you don’t want to. The method is also simple.

On the Account section, simply tap your username.

telegram username is made

Select your username and remove it until the textbox is empty. Tap the checkmark to save.

your username in telegram

Telegram provides a username for users to contact each other without letting some people know your phone number. You can definitely change your Telegram any time and there’s currently no limit many times you can change your username.

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