How To Change the Default Browser on Android

default apps browser

Android brings Google Chrome as your default browser. Or your default browser might be your brand’s own browser. Here’s how to change the default browser on Android and switch to your favorite browser.

There are many third-party browsers out there. You can use Firefox, Opera, UC Browser, DuckDuckGo, or Microsoft Edge. Installing one is easy, but every time you open a link, Google Chrome or your phone brand’s browser still opens.

Thus, you would have to change the default browser on Android so every time you click a link, your favorite browser will open it. You can also switch the default web browser to another one any time you want.

This method should work on any Android phone, including Samsung, Pixel, Xiaomi, or any Android brand you have. While it might not be completely the same, the method is still similar.

Change the default browser on Android

To change the default internet browser and choose another one, simply open the Settings on Android. You can do that through the notification center, and tap the gear icon.

Scroll to the bottom. You’re going to see Apps. Tap it. Select Manage apps.

change the default browser on android

Here, simply select the three-dots button at the top-right. Select Default apps.

manage android apps

Here, you can easily change the default app of everything, including the default browser and launcher. Tap Browser. Select any browser you want to set as the default.

default apps browser

Reset the default app

On Android, you can also reset to default if you don’t want to use a third-party browser but forget which one is your default browser. You can do that by tapping Reset to defaults at the bottom. Tap Reset.

reset app to default

Android has its default browser like Google Chrome or your phone brand’s browser. There is a way to change it to another one easily through the Settings. Now every time you click a link, it opens on your favorite browser.

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