How to Change Your Xbox Gamertag for Free on Any Device

change gamertag

Xbox Live ecosystem provides you the gamertag. It’s a username for your Xbox account that you created when you first signed up. But if you don’t like it, there’s a solution. Here’s how to change your Xbox gamertag for free.

Changing your gamertag is easy, and you can do it on the Xbox website and your Xbox consoles (Xbox One, Xbox S/X, and Xbox 360). The methods can vary.

Microsoft only allows you to change or edit your Xbox gamertag for one time, excluding the one you’ve made yourself when first signed up or the one Microsoft made for you.

The first time you change your Xbox gamertag is free, but the second time or more costs you money. The price varies depending on the region.

If you already have a good Xbox gamertag, you may not need to change it. Once you’ve changed it, your old gamertag can be used by another Xbox gamer.

The new gamertag will be applied for all of the games Xbox has, including Fortnite and Minecraft (that are tied to your Xbox account, not Epic Games account).

If you want to change username for Fortnite and other games that are tied on your Epic Games account, you have to change your Epic Games display name.

The same works for PlayStation Network.

How to change your Xbox gamertag on the Xbox website

Open the Xbox website. Sign in to your Xbox account. Click your profile picture. Then select Xbox Profile below My Microsoft account.

how to change your xbox gamertag for free

Here, simply select Customize. You’re going to customize your Xbox profile.

customize xbox profile

Here, select the edit button beside your current Xbox gamertag.

edit your gamertag

You’re going to see a page with your current Xbox gamertag at the top-right. Simply enter the new gamertag in Your new gamertag. Then select Check availability.

check availability of your xbox gamertag

If the gamer already exists or isn’t allowed, you’re going to see a message saying This gamertag isn’t allowed. Try a different one. Enter a new one if that happens.

this gamertag isn't allowed try a different one

If the new gamertag doesn’t exist and you can use it, you are going to see a page like this. You may also see a number or ID beside the new gamertag. If you don’t want an ID, simply go back. If you want this gamertag, select Change gamertag.

here's what your gamertag will look like

To confirm changing your Xbox gamertag, select Change gamertag.

change gamertag

You’re going to see a message saying that the change is a success. You’re going to see detailed information on how your new gamertag is going to be used and what it is used for.

new xbox gamertag

Simply sign out and sign in again to apply for the new Xbox gamertag.

Change gamertag on Xbox One or Xbox S/X

Doing this on your Xbox One or Xbox S/X is easy, simply select the Xbox button on your controller.

Go to the Profile & system. Click your current gamertag.

Go to the My profile. Select Customize profile. Click your current gamertag.

Here, simply put your new gamertag. Click Check availability to check whether you can use this new gamertag.

Final step: click Change gamertag to confirm the change.

Edit your Xbox gamertag on Xbox 360

Xbox 360 also provides a way to change your Xbox gamertag. The method is similar. Simply open the Social.

Open the Settings. Click Profile.

Click Edit Profile. Click Gamertag. Put the new gamertag you want to use. Click Done to check the availability.

Final step: click Yes, use this gamertag to apply the new gamertag.

The new gamertag is going to be applied to your Xbox console and your friends immediately.

Now, you’re going to use the new gamertag, and you can’t go back except if you pay. So make sure you really want the new gamertag more than you want to keep the old one.

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