How to Check Motherboard Model on Windows 10

Knowing the motherboard model is important sometimes. Here’s how to check motherboard model on Windows 10 as fast as possible.

system model and system manufacturer

There is a moment when you have to find your own motherboard model version, number, serial number, etc., especially on a computer running Windows 10. Here’s how to check motherboard model on Windows 10 as easily as possible.

Why you need to know your motherboard model

If you need to upgrade your hardware, make a change to the drivers, troubleshoot your PC problem, or simply just want to learn it, it’s important to check for your motherboard model.

Checking your motherboard model and other information (like the manufacturer) can be useful for those circumstances. You don’t always need to do this. Only when you want to upgrade your hardware, for instance, you can then check your motherboard quickly with one of these methods.

How to check motherboard model on Windows 10

Using CMD

CMD or Command Prompt allows you to check for your PC specification. It’s handy but requires more knowledge about typing the right command. But don’t worry, those commands are easy to understand.

Simply press the Windows logo with R at the same time. Type CMD and press Enter.

check motherboard model on windows 10

Here, simply type these commands (just copy and paste them by right-clicking). Press Enter.

wmic baseboard get product,serialnumber,version,Manufacturer

motherboard model on cmd

You would get information about your motherboard model number, manufacturer, serial number, and version. For example, the motherboard I use is made by ASUS, its laptop model or the board is E203NAH, the serial number also appears, as well as its version.

Using PowerShell

If you want to check by using another method that can use the same command line as CMD, then you can use PowerShell. PowerShell itself isn’t exactly the same and doesn’t always use the same command, but for checking your motherboard, it’s just the same.

To open PowerShell, you can search it using the Start menu.

opening powershell

Then, copy and paste the same command. Press Enter.

powershell motherboard model

Using DirectX Diagnostic Tool

Windows 10 has DirectX Diagnostic Tool that can be used to gather information about your DirectX component, which also includes your motherboard. It may not give detailed information, but it’s still reliable to check for your motherboard model.

To do this, press the R and Windows logo at the same time. Type dxdiag.


You’ll see all information you want about DirectX components, including your system manufacturer and its model.

click next page

System Information (msinfo32)

System information is one of the methods you can use to check for PC specifications, but it’s easier to use. You can look up complete specification information by category.

To open the System Information, simply press the R and Windows logo. Type msinfo32. Press Enter.

msinfo32 motherboard model

It will immediately open the System summary. You can see the system name, manufacturer, and model number.

system model and system manufacturer

Boot menu

The boot menu isn’t the most convenient way to check for your motherboard model number. But you can still do it that way if your boot menu supports it. Simply restart your PC, then press F10, F2, or ESC (depending on your PC manufacturer).

You can usually find the model number on the System tab.

Third-party app (Speccy)

If you want the most convenient way to check your motherboard model, this is it. Simply download the app, then install. Run it, then you will not just see your motherboard model number, but entire parts of your PC information.

Download Speccy

There are some methods to check your motherboard model, which can be important when you try to upgrade your hardware, or simply any situation for your PC involving motherboard specification.

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