How To Fix Chrome Ran Out of Memory (Aw Snap) Error

Google Chrome is using too much RAM it gives you an error message: Google Chrome ran out of memory. Here’s how to fix the “Aw, Snap!” error.

how to fix chrome ran out of memory aw snap error

Google Chrome just like other browsers might sometimes not run smoothly. Some reported Chrome shows a message: Aw, Snap! Google Chrome ran out of memory while trying to display this webpage. Here’s how to fix it.

Google Chrome’s Aw, Snap! has multiple messages. Unlike that says something went wrong, this one says Google Chrome is running out of memory. While it gives you a brief about what’s wrong, it doesn’t really help with the Reload button.

Well, reloading is the first thing you should do. But sometimes the Aw, Snap! error occurs multiple times when you visit a specific site, like Netflix. But don’t worry, there are suggestions you can do to fix it.

Fix Chrome ran out of memory (Aw, Snap!) error

You can do this on any device where you run Google Chrome, like Windows 10 or Chromebook. You can fix Aw, Snap! error in Chrome with these suggestions that you can do easily.

Update Google Chrome

If your Google Chrome isn’t up-to-date, you can get bugs and errors that are simply avoidable. Updating Google Chrome won’t guarantee to fix the “Aw, Snap!” error but sure it does help to make sure to fix errors with new updates.

To do this, simply open Chrome. Select the three-dots button. Select Help > About Google Chrome.

google chrome menu

Here, simply update Chrome. If you see it is up to date, but you still see the “Aw, Snap!” error, you can try other methods.

google chrome

Disable problematic extensions on Chrome

Extensions can be problematic on a browser, especially if you don’t know which one causes the problem. To know that, you have to open the extension page by opening the menu > More tools > Extensions.

more tools extensions

Try disabling one by one by setting the toggle off inside the box of the extension you want to turn off and see whether the running out of memory issue is solved on your Chrome.

disabling extensions on chrome

Clear your Google Chrome cache

This doesn’t guarantee solving the “Aw, Snap!” problem but you can clear cache and cookies to make sure each website is visited without already problematic cache and cookies.

Keep in mind you will be signed out of all websites you have signed in to Chrome if you proceed with clearing your cache and cookies. Make sure you have saved all your password in Google Chrome before doing this.

Now, simply open the menu > More tools > Clear browsing data.

chrome menu

Here, select Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files. Select Clear data.

remove chrome data

Restart your PC

If you think your Windows 10 or Chromebook is the problem, you might want to restart your device. Sometimes your Chrome might have something changed that it needs your device to be restarted to work properly again.

restart pc

Use another browser instead of Google Chrome

If you keep seeing the “Aw, Snap!” and “Chrome ran out of memory” errors, you might want to use another browser. I would recommend Microsoft Edge, which is based on Chromium as well, but it might access sites better than Chrome does.

microsoft edge

Upgrade your RAM

If you think your RAM isn’t enough, then the only way to enjoy browsing without the “Aw, Snap!” error is by upgrading your RAM. It’s not just going to fix the “Aw, Snap!” issue but also makes your browser even faster, as well as stopping Chrome from reloading tabs automatically.

Google Chrome takes so much RAM you might see a message saying Chrome ran out of memory with an “Aw, Snap!” error. The good thing is there are many suggestions like the above ones to fix it.

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