Cisco 300-835: Programming Certifications for Python & More

If you're looking to get started in coding or want to advance your career, you might want to consider pursuing a Cisco certification.

Cisco 300-835: Programming Certifications for Python & More

If you're interested in programming and fascinated by APIs and automation protocols, Cisco 300-835 by Certbolt is the course for you.It leads to a number of certifications, including the CCNP Collaboration, Cisco Certified DevNet Professional, and Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist - Collaboration Automation and Programmability.Completing this path successfully rewards you with a technical skillset that helps you stand out in the growing competition in the industry.

Go over programming concepts

Python is a versatile language that you can use for network programming in Certbolt.

Many code libraries and protocols are available, making it a great choice for developing network applications.Aside from the variations in the language, there are several code libraries and core protocols to consider. It’s also important to know the popular version control systems, specifically git.This exam covers everything from network fundamentals to programming concepts, so you can be sure you're well-prepared for a career in network programming.

Delve into Python programming

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in use today.

It is favored for its readability and object-oriented design.To learn Python, it is important to become familiar with the core Certbolt scripts including data classes, conditionals, functions, loops, and types.In addition, it is also necessary to understand how to use Python virtual environments.

Know more about APIs and automation protocols

If you want to earn your Cisco 300-835 programming certification, then you need to master automation.

Automation makes up a large percentage of the entire test outline, so you need to know the ins and outs of various automation protocols.Additionally, you should learn different API styles and other elements.The primary Cisco Collaboration platforms you'll need to know for the exam are listed below:

Unified Communication

This course covers the basics of working with Webex Teams REST API, including how to administer administrative functions, construct a Python script, create HTML web applications, and generate API calls.

To do these tasks, you need to master the core application requirements.

Collaboration Endpoints

The Cisco 300-835 exam tests your ability to use Python for programming Cisco collaboration devices.You will be expected to know how to make API calls to automate Certbolt room devices, as well as how to use the xAPI SSH interface, xAPI HTTP API, and xAPI Python SDK.Furthermore, you should be familiar with the capabilities of custom controls, such as the In-Room Controls Editor and Macro Editor.


Lastly, the exam supplies you with knowledge in handling the entirety of Webex Meetings API, which entails its related capabilities and authentication mechanisms.

In this section, you should browse through the processes of constructing API calls in accordance with the implementation of users and meetings management as well as the configuration of the Cisco Meeting Server.

Do you want to take your career to the next level by becoming a certified programmer with this Cerbolt exam? Don’t dillydally and try to commence with your learning process as soon as possible so you earn a credible skill set in programming and automation.