How To Clear Microsoft Teams Cache on Windows 11/10

Microsoft Teams becomes slower after some time you use it. Here’s how to clear Microsoft Teams cache to make it work faster.

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Microsoft Teams provides an easy and convenient way to work with your colleagues, classmates, or anyone you collaborate with. But after some time, Microsoft Teams become slower and you don’t know why. Here’s how to clear Microsoft Teams cache on Windows 11 or Windows 10.

Clearing cache is the common method when an app or a program doesn’t work properly, for example, the camera not working, or when it works slower than it normally does. That applies to Microsoft Teams as well, and clearing cache usually works for this particular kind of problem.

How to delete Microsoft Teams cache

Deleting cache is actually easy on Microsoft Teams. The app doesn’t directly provide a way to clear cache, but it’s still possible to do that on Windows 11 or Windows 10.

Open the Microsoft Teams app. Click the profile picture, and select Sign out.

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clear microsoft teams cache

Select Sign out to confirm signing out. Then, exit Microsoft Teams.

sign out

Press Windows+R buttons on your keyboard at the same time, and type this, then press Enter:


run dialog clear cache

You’ll see File Explorer opens up. Select all of the files on that path and delete them.

delete cache

Now, restart your PC. On Windows 11, you can do that by pressing the Windows+X button and then selecting Shut down or sign out > Restart.


Microsoft Teams cache has been cleared. Sign in to the app again with your Microsoft account and use Microsoft Teams as you normally do.

Microsoft Teams can work slowly over time and that’s common. Fortunately, the method to fix that is simply by clearing the cache on Microsoft Teams, and Windows 11 or Windows 10 provides easy methods to do that.

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