How to Clear Your Queue on Spotify (Web, PC, Mac, Android, iPhone)

Spotify has the queue feature. But some find it confusing to remove songs or podcasts from the list. Here’s how to clear your queue on Spotify.

clear your queue on spotify

Spotify has a useful feature called a queue that simply lists songs or podcasts, but somehow you are struggling to remove one from the list. Here’s how to clear your queue on Spotify.

Spotify’s Queue is simply a list that stores and orders all of your favorite songs or podcasts you’re going to listen to next. This feature is really convenient for users who don’t want to manually press the Next button or add that song to a playlist.

Adding one song or podcast to your queue is simple. Just open the song/podcast. Tap the menu button, then tap Add to queue. But for some people, especially first-time users, removing or clearing your Spotify queue can be a little confusing.

How to clear your Spotify queue on website/PC/Mac app

Clearing your Spotify queue is easy. You need to find or view the Spotify queue first. To do that, open Spotify. You can do this on the web player, PC, or Mac app.

Try to play any song or podcast to open the control. Now, click the Queue button beside the Lyrics button to open the queue list.

The queue list shows the “next in queue” list, which is the list of your entire queue, and the “now playing” song/podcast you’re listening to right now.

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clear your queue on spotify

To delete the entire queue at once, simply click the Clear queue button.

clear queue

Spotify will ask you to confirm. Click Yes to clear the entire queue.

clear this from queue yes spotify

Now that you’ve cleared the entire queue, you can start adding new songs or podcasts to the queue list to listen to.

You can also remove a song or a podcast individually from the queue. To do that, simply click the three-dots button at the right side of the song you want to remove, then click the Remove from queue button.

how to clear your queue on spotify

You want to get rid of all data including the queue, you can also delete your Spotify account.

How to remove queue on Spotify mobile app (Android & iPhone)

Spotify on the mobile app also provides an easy way to access your queue and manage all songs or podcasts inside. When playing a song, tap the Queue button located under the Repeat button.

opening the queue on spotify

Here, you can manage the list of songs or podcasts inside the Queue feature. To clear all queues, simply tap the Clear queue button. To remove individual songs, check the song/podcast you want to remove then tap Remove.

clearing queue on spotify

Spotify provides easy ways to list songs or podcasts you want to listen to next, without having to add them to a custom playlist. You can now add or remove songs from the queue easily on all platforms which Spotify supports.

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