How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker to Roku TV

Roku makes it easy for you to enjoy the sound from your Roku TV through your own speaker. Here’s how to connect Bluetooth speaker to Roku TV.

connect bluetooth speaker to roku tv

Roku TV or devices now come with a feature called private listening. You can use an external speaker for your Roku TV through the smartphone. Here’s how to connect Bluetooth speaker to Roku TV.

For those who don’t know, Roku TV provides the private listening feature to connect external devices like Bluetooth speakers or headphones (or wired ones) to switch audio from your Roku TV or device to your phone.

Yes, you will need to use your smartphone to listen to your Roku TV audio through your headphone or speaker. This is a great feature if you don’t want to disturb anyone while enjoying great sound from your Roku TV, although you can use it for Bluetooth speakers as well.

How to connect Bluetooth speaker to Roku TV

Before setting up this, you should update the Roku app on your Android or iPhone. This ensures you can get the best experience on hearing through the Bluetooth speaker.

Download Roku on Play Store

Download Roku on App Store

Now, connect the Bluetooth speaker to your smartphone. Open the Roku app. Tap Devices.

Tap the Roku device you want the audio to sound through the Bluetooth speaker. Tap the Remote button that shows under the device name.

Here, simply tap the headphone icon to turn on the private listening, and now your Bluetooth speaker is connected to your Roku TV.

Roku lets you pair to the Bluetooth speaker to experience sound in a different way. You can also use a headphone to enjoy the movie or show without waking up others around you.

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