How To Copy and Paste Text From Android to Windows & Vice Versa

Manually typing important text seems too much effort. Now you can simply copy it from your Android phone to Windows easily and vice versa.

text from android to windows

Android and Windows are completely different operating systems and syncing between the two devices isn’t the norm, especially for copying and pasting text. Fortunately, there’s a workaround for this. Here’s how to copy and paste text between Android and Windows.

You may already know about syncing files like photos, videos, recordings, and others through a cloud drive service like Google Drive and OneDrive. You may also already know about transferring files between Android and Windows using apps like Send Anywhere.

Now, syncing copied text works differently. You may have once emailed yourself a text to share it between your PC and smartphone. But now you can simply use a keyboard app like Swiftkey to copy and paste text from Windows to Android and vice versa.

Swiftkey and Windows have syncing clipboard feature

The thing that makes Swiftkey able to sync its clipboard is that the company was bought by Microsoft, and now it allows users to use the Windows 10 and Windows 11 clipboard features as Swiftkey’s clipboard and vice versa.

Hence, you have to sign in to your Swiftkey app with the same Microsoft account you use to sign in to your Windows PC. Keep in mind that your Windows 10 has to be updated to the recent version to enable this feature, as well as your Swiftkey app.

Download Swiftkey for Android

How to copy and paste between Android and Windows

Open the Swiftkey app on your Android. Sign in with your Microsoft account. Head to Rich input > Clipboard.

how to copy and paste text from android to windows vice versa

You need to enable the Swifkey clipboard feature first. Turn on Remember copied items. Now turn on Sync clipboard history to enable copying and pasting text from Windows to Android and vice versa.


On your Windows 10 or Windows 11, open Settings > System > Clipboard. Enable Clipboard history and sync across devices.

clipboard on windows settings

Now you can copy and paste text from Windows to Android and vice versa. You can try it now.

copy text from windows to android

On your Swiftkey keyboard’s clipboard, you will see text copied from another device marked as “Copied from another device”. There’s that toggle to enable or disable the syncing feature for quick access, too. Simply click that copied text to paste it.

android swiftkey

If you’re copying text from Android to Windows, the copied text would be marked with the same thing, except it shows slightly different (with tooltip).

text from android to windows

You can now copy and paste text between devices pretty easily. No need to email or text yourself anymore to receive and send texts.

Don’t like Swiftkey? You can simply choose another keyboard app or change your Android keyboard back to normal or default.

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