How to Enable Dark Mode for Google Sheets (Web & Mobile)

Using a light mode makes your eye strain because of the glare. Here’s how to enable a dark mode for Google Sheets to make it easier to read.

Today’s apps need to implement dark mode to make it modern and usable for someone in a dark environment. Including when you are heavily working on a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Here’s how to enable dark mode for Google Sheets.

The dark mode is simply a theme making the background and elements darker except the text. It doesn’t just reduce glare and eye strain when reading at night, but also save more battery power.

Google Sheets on PC browser doesn’t have a dark mode feature. It only does on the mobile app on Android and iPhone. For those who want a dark mode for Google Sheets, you have to use an extension.

How to enable dark mode for Google Sheets (web)

You can use a dark mode for any website with an extension, including for Google Sheets. I would use the Dark Reader app that has been used by millions of users worldwide.

Download Dark Reader for Chrome, Opera, or Microsoft Edge

To install the extension, simply click Add to Chrome.

Once the extension is installed, click it and enable it on Google Sheets website.

dark mode for google sheets

Now, your Google Sheets uses a dark mode, making it easy to read at night.

dark mode on google sheets on pc

How to enable a dark mode in Google Sheets mobile app (Android and iPhone)

Thanks to its built-in feature, you can use a dark mode in Google Sheets mobile app and quickly switch to the light mode.

Download Google Sheets on Play Store

Download Google Sheets on App Store

Open the app. Tap the hamburger menu.

google sheets on mobile

Tap Settings, to see where the settings are.

hamburger menu on google sheets mobile

Select Choose theme. The selected theme will be put below it.

choose theme google sheets

Here, select Dark or Set by battery saver to enable dark mode. The last option is used to enable dark mode when battery saver is on.

choose dark theme for google sheets

Now, the dark mode has been enabled on Google Sheets mobile app, which will be applied to the spreadsheet as well.

dark theme has been enabled

A dark mode makes it easy to view the content of the app. Thankfully, Google Sheets has the dark mode feature making it convenient to read and edit spreadsheets at night. On a PC browser, you can use an extension.

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