How To Delete a Messenger Group Chat for Everyone

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Messenger, Facebook’s messaging platform provides a group chat feature. You can clearly leave a group, but Messenger doesn’t make it easy for you to delete. Here’s how to delete a Messenger group chat permanently.

You can interact with multiple people on Messenger simultaneously. You can start a group chat, invite people, or leave it. Simply deleting a chat is also possible, but that chat will still be seen by the group members.

This post talks about how to delete that group chat for everyone, meaning all the group members will leave, can’t join the group again, and can’t see the messages inside the group you’ve deleted. It’s the best for privacy.

How to delete a Messenger group chat

Follow these steps in the right order as written in this post. If you miss one step, you might end up leaving the group messages exposed to ex-members.

This method can be done on all devices where Messenger exists: the web, Android, or iPhone.

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Make sure you’re an admin of the group chat

This is obvious. But if you’re not an admin, you can ask other admins for approval to become one of the group admin.

To make sure you’re an admin, simply open the group chat. Tap the information icon at the top-right. Tap the See group members menu on there.

delete a messenger group chat

Select the Admins tab. If you see your name, that means you’re an admin. But if you only see your name on the All tab, you’re not an admin — ask to be one by tapping Add.

seeing admins in a messenger group chat

Remove everyone except you from the group

This is the easy part. Once you’re an admin, you can easily remove everyone except you from the group. This makes them lose access to the group.

To do this, simply go to the Members > All tab. Select every person inside the group, then tap Remove from group.

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remove someone from a group

Once you’ve removed everyone except you from the group, ignore the chat

Ignoring the group chat hides the group from your Chats list, and moves it to the Spam. Don’t leave the group.

If you leave the group, you’re going to lose access to delete the group, making the messages inside exposed to the ex-members to read. Just ignore the chat, then do the next step.

To ignore, simply tap the information icon. Tap Ignore group.

ignore a messenger group

Tap Ignore to confirm.

confirm to ignore

Delete the group chat

Now, the final task. To delete the Messenger group chat, simply click Delete. Tap Delete to confirm.

delete a messenger group

You don’t need to leave the group. Simply deleting it will make the group chat gone permanently.

Messenger allows you to delete a group chat, without leaving it, so every member will not just be forced to leave but also they won’t have access to read the messages inside that group.

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