How To Delete Email Addresses From Gmail Autocomplete

Gmail seems to automatically save new email addresses you send to. Here’s how to delete email addresses from Gmail autocomplete list.

Email services like Gmail usually save every email address you send an email to, and it shows on the autocomplete list when you try to type an email address so you can simply click on the saved one instead of typing it all over again.

But sometimes or most of the time you don’t need particular saved email addresses to have them on the autocomplete list since you only sent them an email once and you aren’t interested to send them emails in the future again.

Fortunately, Gmail has the option that lets you delete specific saved email addresses from autofill or autocomplete list. Gmail also lets you choose whether you want to automatically save them in the autocomplete every time you send an email to a new email address or not.

How to delete email addresses from Gmail autocomplete

Removing saved email addresses from the Gmail autocomplete actually isn’t done on the Gmail website or app. It’s on the Google Contacts.

Google Contacts is a contact management service that works just like the contact app on your phone but connects to Gmail (and other Google services) while at the same time operating as a standalone service or app that you can use on your Android phone.

Simply visit the website on your browser. Sign in to your Google account. On the search box, search the contact or the email address or email account name you want to delete from the autocomplete list. Select it to open the contact.

google contact

Now, you can see the entire information of that contact. You can see their email address, phone number (if they have it), and the interactions (emails you have sent/received from/to them).

To delete the email address from Gmail autocomplete list, you would have to delete the entire contact details of that person, so you are going to lose their saved phone number, name, other contact information of that person as well.

To do that, simply click the three-dots button at the right, and select Delete.

gmail contact

Click Delete to confirm.

delete this contact

You are going to see a message saying the contact has been deleted. You can undo it if you make a mistake.

one contact deleted

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How to prevent new email addresses you sent to from being saved in the autocomplete

If you don’t like to manually remove unnecessary contacts or saved email addresses from the autocomplete list, and would like to manually save email addresses you want to save, you can disable the automatic contact creation.

To do this, simply go to Gmail. Select gear icon and select See all settings.

see all settings

On the General tab, select I’ll add contacts myself on Create contacts for auto-complete.

create contacts for auto-complete

Now, select Save changes to save the new Gmail settings.

save changes

From now on, you will not see new email addresses you send emails to on the autocomplete list unless you manually save them on Google Contacts.

Google Contacts makes it easy to save email addresses you frequently interact with. The good thing it provides options to delete as well and prevent new contacts from being automatically created.

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