How To Delete Google Maps Location History

Google tracks you all the time and saves all locations you have been to. Here’s how to delete Google Maps location history or timeline.

delete google maps location history

Google Maps tracks your location by default, but some people might not want to be tracked or their location history be kept by Google. Here’s how to delete Google Maps location history.

Google Maps provide the timeline feature, which allows you to track where you have been sorted by date and place. This is great for some people who just want to see any place and when they’ve been that they might have forgotten about.

Fortunately, Google Maps provides a way for anyone to delete Google Maps location history or timeline permanently. You can also get rid of all location history at once.

How to delete Google Maps location history on PC

You can do this on PC pretty easily. You don’t have to use your Android phone to do so. Simply open Google Maps, and sign in to your Google account.

Click the hamburger button at the top left.

google maps

A menu will appear. Simply click Your timeline.

google maps timeline

Your Google Maps timeline will show up. Here, click the gear button at the bottom, and select Delete all Location History.

delete timeline

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You will see a warning message. As it says, you won’t be able to get back or recover deleted location history or timeline, so you have to be wise and make sure you won’t need them anymore, including the case when you lose your phone.

Select I understand and want to delete all location history. Select Delete location history to confirm.

delete all location history permanently

Now, you’ll have no location history. You don’t need to worry anymore about your location or place you have been. There are other apps to track phones as well, so you might want to do the same if you use any of them.

How to disable Google Maps location history so Google stops tracking you

Deleting your Google Maps timeline won’t prevent Google from tracking you. To disable location history, you have to open the Google Maps website again, select Your timeline through the menu, and select Manage location history.

turn off location history

Here, set the toggle off on Location history. It will automatically save.

location history

From now on, Google won’t track your location anymore.

Google by default tracks you when moving to a new place in real-time, and saves it to the timeline. Fortunately, there are ways to protect more of your privacy so you can travel with peace of mind.

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