How To Disable Google Assistant on Android Completely

Google Assistant keeps listening, and you want to stop it. Here’s how to disable Google Assistant completely on Android.

turn it off

Android phones usually bring Google Assistant by default, but some people find the feature unnecessary. Here’s how to disable Google Assistant on Android.

Google Assistant works by listening to your voice and do anything with your command. It can also work by you typing on the app. Although there are great features, some people just want to disable Google Assistant.

There is another reason to turn off Google Assistant, is that to protect your privacy. You might not want Google listening to your voice all the time or gathering your personal information to the smallest detail.

Or, you might have a problem: Google Assistant keeps popping up itself. That can be fixed without completely turning off Google Assistant.

There are many ways to disable Google Assistant, but if you want to turn it off completely, here’s how:

How to disable Google Assistant completely

To do this is easy. Simply open the Google Assistant. If you don’t know how to open it, you can also search the app through the Play Store. Yes, you can simply uninstall the app from here.

disable google assistant

If you want to turn off Google Assistant without uninstalling it, you can just open the app and tap your profile picture.

google assistant settings

You can simply tap the General to open the settings.

general settings

Here, simply set the toggle off at Google Assistant (Your Assistant helps answer your questions and get things done).

turn off google assistant

There will be a popup message. As you read below, Google Assistant will no longer respond when you say “Hey Google”, its features won’t be available anymore, and you can delete your Assistant history on the website. Tap Turn off.

turn it off

Once it is turned off, you can see the blue toggle button now becomes gray, meaning Google Assistant is now turned off.

google assistant is now disabled

Google Assistant might concern you about privacy, but there’s no need to worry when you can enable or disable it any time you want. The good thing is that it provides different ways to turn off the features.

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