How to Disable Javascript in Chrome (Windows 11/10 & Android)

Sometimes, javascript is just unnecessary. If you use Chrome, here’s how to disable javascript in Chrome (in Android & Windows 11/10).

how to block javascript in chrome android

Javascript can change the way HTML and CSS work on a website, and Google Chrome obviously has javascript in its web engine. Not only that, Chrome (both in mobile and PC) has a feature that lets you manage the way javascript works in the browser. Here’s how to disable javascript in Chrome (specifically in Windows 11/10 & Android).

Chrome has all sorts of menus that are useful for advanced users. Including a way to enable or disable javascript. You can also manage which websites you can allow running javascript on or which websites you disable javascript on altogether. You can do those things both in Android and Windows 11/10.

If you haven’t used Chrome or updated Chrome, you can download/update it from the link below:

Download Chrome for Windows 11/10

Download Chrome for Android

How to Disable Javascript in Chrome (Windows 11/10)

Chrome in Windows 11/10 has a simple way for users to disable javascript.

To do this, just click the kebab menu on the right side of your profile picture. Click Settings.

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Now, you’ll have to search in the Settings’ search bar and type content. It will show a search result showing the Site Settings option which is where you can manage how javascript works, including disabling javascript in Chrome. Click Site Settings.

chrome setting javascript making it disabled

In Site Settings, scroll a little bit down, you will find the Javascript option. You can directly see the status there, either Allowed or Blocked. Click Javascript.

just disable javascript if you hate it

Now, you’ll see Allow and Block sections, which you can change anytime. You can add a specific website to the block list or allow/exception list.

chrome setting search disable javascript

To disable javascript in Chrome (Windows 11/10) altogether, click the blue button.

search enable javascript

After this, any website you visit in Chrome won’t be allowed to use javascript. Therefore you won’t see a proper website theme or appearance because the HTML and CSS are being affected.

adding exception to javascript in chrome

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How to Block/Disable Javascript for Specific Websites in Chrome (Windows 11/10)

Chrome allows you to disable javascript for some specific websites. This means you don’t have to disable javascript altogether only to avoid some websites using javascript. You can also disable Chrome extensions for some websites.

To do this, in Site Settings > Javascript, make sure the status of the Javascript option is Allowed. Then, click Add button in the Block section.

how to disable javascript in chrome

Now, type or copy-paste the website domain name you don’t want to use javascript for. Click Add to block javascript for that website.

That’s it. Now, that website has been blocked to use javascript, that website now loads faster because of the lack of scripts it has to run.

If you want to allow some websites to run javascript as an exception, you can do so in Allow section instead of the Block section in Chrome > Site Settings > Javascript.

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How to Edit and Manage Website That You Disable Javascript for in Chrome (Windows 11/10)

Chrome also has an option that lets you manage blocked websites for javascript. You can edit the website URL, remove it from the list, or move to Allow/Blocked list.

To do this, go to Settings > Site Settings > Javascript.

Click the kebab menu button. You will see Allow (if you click it at Blocked section) or Blocked (if you click it at Allow section), Edit, and Remove.

how to disable javascript

To allow the website to run javascript, click Allow. To disable the website from running javascript, click Edit. To remove it from the list, click Remove.

edit blocked javascript website in chrome

To edit a website, just reenter the right domain name. Click Save.

How to Disable Javascript in Chrome (Android)

Chrome in Android has also sorts of menus you can use if you’re an advanced user. You can disable javascript in Chrome on Android, too. You can also use one of the best Chrome extensions to block javascript.

To do this, just tap the kebab menu button on the right side. Tap Settings.

disable javascript in chrome android

Scroll a little bit. Tap Site settings. You will see a few permission of websites you can manage, including javascript. To disable javascript and manage it, tap Javascript.

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how to disable javascript in chrome

Now, to disable javascript in Chrome (Android) for some websites, just tap Add site exception. Enter the website address. Tap Add.

javascript in chrome

Now, the website is blocked from using javascript. You can see the website in the Blocked section.

add javascript exception in chrome android

If you want to disable javascript in Chrome (Android) altogether for all websites you visit, just tap the blue button until the status says Blocked.

how to block javascript in chrome android

Now that the status of javascript is Blocked, which means javascript has been disabled for all websites, you can tap Add site exception to enable javascript for some websites. Tap Add. You can see the website is on the Exceptions section.

add exception to block javascript in chrome android

If you want to enable javascript in Chrome (Android) for all websites in general, just tap the gray button until the status says Allow sites to run JavaScript (recommended). Once you enabled javascript again, you can see the Exceptions section changes its name to Allowed.

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allowing javascript in chrome android

There are some options for advanced users who want to disable javascript in Chrome, both Android or Windows 11/10. Disabling javascript sometimes is necessary to make the website load faster, or just to avoid unnecessary scripts when loading the websites. You can do the same things on Chrome on Mac and iPhone.

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