How To Disable Snipping Tool (Snip & Sketch) on Windows 11

Some users reported that the new Snipping Tool on Windows 11 can’t be turned off. Here’s how to do that on Windows 11.

disable snipping tool

“Windows 11 has the new Snipping Tool that comes with the new interface and some features. But not every Windows 11 user would love it. Here’s how to disable the Snipping Tool so you can use a third-party app to take screenshots instead.

There’s a good reason for some to use the new Snipping Tool. It’s simply practical, and you can press the Print Screen button on your keyboard to take screenshots, which gives you options to capture a particular region, freeform, or full screen.

Then, when you have captured it, the screenshot will automatically be copied. You can simply paste it anywhere to share with anyone. While this can be useful for some users, you might not want to use it.

Why you don’t need the Snipping Tool (Snip & Sketch)

Snipping Tool doesn’t come with advanced screenshot editing features, unlike some third-party screenshot-taking apps like PicPick or Greenshot. It might be simple, but it would also be too simple that it’s not good enough.

Snipping Tool doesn’t provide more hotkeys, the ability to add watermark, tabs to edit multiple screenshots, and more. It honestly doesn’t bring significant improvements from the prior Windows 10’s Snipping Tool.

If you think the Snipping Tool, which is also called Snip & Sketch on the Microsoft Store, is useless, you can simply switch to a third-party screenshot app. But, disabling it might require more effort on Windows 11.

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How to disable the Snipping Tool (Snip & Sketch) on Windows 11

Disable Snipping Tool from taking over the Print Screen button

When you press the Print Screen button, you’d see the Snipping screen which makes your screen slightly darker and allows you to capture the area of your screen. You might want to disable this feature first.

Open Settings > Accessibility > Keyboard. Under the On-screen keyboard, access keys, and Print screen, you’d see an option that says Use the Print screen button to open screen snipping. Set the toggle Off.

accessibility keyboard

You might have to restart your PC to see the change.

If your Snipping Tool still take over your Print Screen button

If you have restarted your PC but your Print Screen button still opens the Snipping Tool, that might mean it’s not really the Snipping Tool that takes over the button, but your laptop brand that does.

For example, a Lenovo laptop has its own F1-F12 button functions that behave differently and can be customized personally. The Print Screen button is usually included, which is why it is taken over.

When the Print Screen button still opens the Snipping Tool, the rest of the F1-F12 buttons can function normally when pressed without you having to press the Fn button.

Lenovo, fortunately, provides a way to enable those buttons to function only with Fn pressed, so the Snipping Tool only will open when you press Fn+Print Screen instead of Print Screen alone.

To enable this on Lenovo laptops, open the Lenovo Vantage. Go to Device > Input & Accessories. Select the F1-F12 Function below the Intelligent keyboard.

Now, try pressing the Print Screen, it should open nothing. If you press Fn+Print Screen, your Snipping Tool will show, which is still better than having to use another combination to take screenshots with third-party apps.

Uninstall the Snipping Tool

You can also uninstall the Snipping Tool app. It’s possible to do it through Settings. Simply search the app, or head to Apps > Apps & features. Select the kebab button on the right side of the Snipping Tool.

apps apps & features

Select Uninstall.

snipping tool

You have to confirm to uninstall by selecting the button again.


Wait for a few minutes. You will not see the Snipping Tool catching screen capture again. If you wish to retrieve the Snipping Tool back, go to the Microsoft Store and install Snip & Sketch (it is the very same Snipping Tool, just a different name).

Disable Snipping Tool using Registry Editor

Windows 11 has the Registry Editor. It’s a more complicated way to disable the Snipping Tool. If you want to do it this way, simply press Windows logo and R, type regedit, press Enter.

regedit run windows 11

Go to this address:


registry editor

On the exact address of the key, see if you have a key (a kind of folder) named TabletPC. Don’t worry if you don’t see it, you can always make it. To make that key, right-click > New > Key. Set TabletPC as the name.

new key regedit

Open TabletPC key.

tablet pc

Right-click > New > DWORD (32-bit) Value.


Set DisableSnippingTool as the name.


Now right-click at the DWORD value and select Modify.

modify regedit

Set as the value data. Select OK.

value data 1

Now, restart your PC to see the change you have made. You will not see the Snipping Tool anymore on Windows 11. If you wish to retrieve it back, simply remove and set the DWORD value’s value data above as and then restart your computer.

The simple Snipping Tool app isn’t needed by some people, and you can simply disable or uninstall it as you wish. Other than Snipping Tool, OneDrive might take over your Print Screen button too to automatically upload screenshots, which you can also fix.

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