How To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 90

Disney+ shows error code 90 when it can’t connect to the server. Here’s how to fix it so you can continue watching on your device.

disney plus error code 90

Disney+ provides an easy way to watch movies and shows on any device, but some users experience the error code 90. Here’s how to solve the error code so you can continue watching again.

Disney+ doesn’t tell much about the detail on why it gives you the error code 90, except that the fact that it can’t connect to Disney+. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do.

Fix Disney+ Error Code 90

Disney+ error code 90 is similar to error codes 12 and 38. It simply tells you it can’t connect to the server. But sometimes, the Disney+ app or your device itself can be the problem.

Ensure the time and date set correctly

If your device’s time and date aren’t set correctly or automatically, the Disney+ app and other services might not work properly as well. Check the time and date, or set it automatically.

Sign out of the Disney+ app, exit the app, launch again, then sign in

This method can be helpful if the Disney+ app stops working with an already signed-in account. You can try signing out, exiting the app, launching the app again, then signing in with the same account.

Restart your device

If the previous method doesn’t work, try restarting your device, including your router. Power off the device, unplug the router, wait for at least a few minutes, plug it in again, and turn on the device.

Disney+ app that isn’t working properly with error code 90 can be confusing to fix. If none of the above works, try ensuring that the Disney+ server is fine. If Disney+ can’t be accessed on another device, it might be down.

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