DisneyNOW vs Disney Plus: What Are the Differences?

disneynow vs disney plus

Disney has its popular streaming service called Disney+. But there’s another you might not be familiar with: DisneyNOW. Here are the differences between those two streaming services.

What is Disney+?

Disney+ is a subscription streaming service that competes with other streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and more. It provides on-demand movies and shows that you can watch and download any time and anywhere, on any device.

It’s targeted at any age. So, you will find many kid-friendly shows and shows that are just for adults. You can have one Disney+ subscription and creates different profiles for different users, like for kids, to prevent adult content from being available in their watching suggestions.

What is DisneyNOW?

DisneyNOW works differently. It’s a TV app that you can watch anywhere for free, but it requires a TV cable subscription for you to enjoy it. You watch Disney Junior, Disney Channel, and Disney XD shows using the app.

It’s targeted mainly at kids. So there’s no need for parents to worry about inappropriate content. It’s free and it makes it easy for you to watch cable shows anywhere on any device.

So, what are the differences between DisneyNOW and Disney Plus?

DisneyNOW isn’t a mainstream streaming service that provides many selections of shows and movies, unlike Disney+. It’s just free, limited, kid-friendly for cable subscription users who have a TV but want to watch it anywhere.

If you want one that works the way it does like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other mainstream streaming services, you can choose Disney+. You can also create a kid profile on Disney+ and have the kid set their own PIN, so they can sign in on their own and watch freely without your concern.

Disney makes it easy for you to watch TV cable shows anywhere with DisneyNOW, and it also provides you many selections of movies and shows you can subscribe to separately with Disney+.

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