How to Fix DNS That Won’t Work on Edge

Normally, you can set up a DNS on Control Panel. But somehow it doesn’t work on Edge. Here’s how to use DNS on Microsoft Edge.

your connection isn't private cloudflare dns doesn't work on edge

Windows 10 allows you to use a third-party DNS, but somehow the DNS you set doesn’t work anymore on Microsoft Edge. Here’s how to fix it.

Generally, setting up a third-party DNS like Cloudflare’s can be done manually through the Control Panel’s Wi-Fi properties, and it works. You can then visit geo-restricted websites on any browser, including Microsoft Edge.

But, if you experience that Microsoft Edge can’t use the DNS, that means Microsoft Edge doesn’t use the DNS over HTTPS.

This makes Microsoft Edge shows a message saying “Your connection isn’t private. Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (website domain). For example passwords, messages, or credit cards.” when you try to visit a geo-restricted website.

You can fix the DNS problem, especially in this case, is Cloudflare’s, by entering the custom provider.

How to use DNS over HTTPS on Microsoft Edge

You can do this easily through the Settings of Microsoft Edge. Open the Microsoft Edge, then click the three dots button, and select Settings.

microsoft edge settings

Select Privacy, search, and services.

privacy, search, and services

Under Security, enable the toggle at User secure DNS to specify how to lookup the network address for websites. Select Choose a service provider.

use cloudflare dns on microsoft edge

Enter this if you want to use Cloudflare’s

You can use any other custom provider. This is the only way to use the DNS on Microsoft Edge, over HTTPS. Now, geo-restricted websites can be visited as usual.

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