How to Download & Install Third-Party Apps for Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV might not give you a clear idea of installing third-party apps. Here's how to download apps for Samsung Smart TV easily.

How to Download & Install Third-Party Apps for Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV brings built-in apps that you can use, but they're not enough.Luckily, Samsung Smart TV allows you to use third-party apps.Here's how to download & install third-party apps for Samsung Smart TV. The apps that you can use when you get Samsung Smart TV are built-in and made by Samsung.

But these apps aren't enough, especially if you want to enjoy more entertainment choices and if you don't want to cast content from your phone. That's what third-party apps are useful for.You can enjoy more shows, movies, or anything you want that Samsung doesn't provide. There are many third-party apps waiting for you to install them, like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube TV, or any other apps that are compatible with Samsung Smart TV.

How to download & install third-party apps for Samsung Smart TV and how to install them

You need to enable your Samsung Smart TV's app installation from unknown sources

Like an Android smartphone, Samsung Smart TV isn't allowed to install from unknown sources, but you can allow it yourself. To do this, simply go to the Settings of your Samsung Smart TV. Select Personal tab. Select Security.On Unkown sources, simply enable the option. Once you're done, you can install third-party apps on your Samsung Smart TV.

However, you still can't transfer files between Samsung Smart TV and your PC.

The developer mode

On your smart TV, simply go to the Settings. Open Smart Hub. Select Apps. Enter "12345" using your remote. On Developer mode, set it On. Type the computer's IP address you want to connect with.Select OK.Then reboot your Samsung Smart TV.

Transferring or downloading the apps to your Samsung Smart TV

There are some ways to get apps for your Samsung Smart TV.

Using the browser

On your Samsung Smart TV, there's a built-in browser you can use to open any website.

You can simply visit one of the most popular APK provider websites like APKPure. Download the app from there.Once you've downloaded the APK of the app you want to install, you're ready to install them.

Using the USB driver to transfer the APK

This is the easiest method.You can simply transfer the APK from your computer to your USB drive.

Then connect that USB drive to your Samsung Smart TV. Open the APK file.Then install it.

Transferring and installing the APK from your computer

If your Samsung Smart TV and your computer connect to the same network, you transfer files easily using the Command Prompt on your PC. Simply go to the Settings. Select Network option. Click Information. Save your Samsung Smart TV's IP address. On your computer, open the Command Prompt.Type this command line and press Enter:

adb connect (Samsung Smart TV's IP address)

Once you've pressed Enter, type this command line and press Enter again:
install (the APK's path)

Once you've done that, you can type this line to stop the connection between your smart TV and your PC.

adb disconnect (the TV's IP address)

Installing the third-party app

If you have the APK files, you can install them easily by just running the apps.

Then follow the next instruction on your TV screen to complete the installation, just like how you install APK from your Android phone.

If you get problems doing the above steps, you can let me know by commenting. image credit: Jonas Leupe