Best Ad Blockers for Chrome You Can Get for Free

Seeing annoying ads while browsing? Here are the best ad blockers for Chrome you can get for free, to block YouTube ads and other ads, including pop-up.

Adblock for chrome

Chrome is a simple browser. It is well-known for its fast performance. But, Chrome isn’t powerful if you don’t add something more than Chrome doesn’t provide. That’s why there are thousands of best Chrome extensions ready to increase your browsing experience and even get more things done. Including the best ad blockers for Chrome.

Chrome actually has its own adblocker. It works by eliminating annoying ads that are intrusive. You can disable adblock on Chrome easily, and use third-party adblock that has more advanced features. Here’s the list of best Chrome extensions to block ads:

Be aware that blocking ads could make high impact for websites and bloggers to gain revenues by delivering free contents and non-intrusive ads. If you don’t want to risk websites’ revenues and make it harder for them to deliver free content for users, you can use a less aggressive ad blocker that only blocks pop-up ads (because only few websites that actually use pop-up).

Adblocker Ultimate: a Simple Ad Blocker for Chrome

Adblocker Ultimate for chrome, also one of the best chrome extensions to block ads

AdBlocker Ultimate is just another good ad blocker for Chrome. It works by stopping any kind of ad. This ad blocker can be used easily by many beginner users who don’t understand how to use an ad blocker. It has no whitelist feature, and that’s why you can’t make an exception to keep seeing ads from a website.

But, this ad block is good enough to stop yourself from getting annoyed or even scammed from ads that are intrusive. You can also protect your PC from getting infected by something suspicious like malware that can be downloaded without your consent.

This simple adblocker has been used by over 800K Chrome users worldwide and has 42K reviews. You can now enjoy browsing without seeing any ads, anymore.

Download AdBlocker Ultimate on Chrome Web Store

Hola Ad Remover: Chrome Ad Blocker Made by

hola ad blocker

Hola Ad Remover is just another regular ad blocker for Chrome. It is made by the same company that made Hola VPN. Hola Ad Remover works by blocking ads that are intrusive, contain malware, and data tracking.

This adblocker has been used by over 100K users and has 370 reviews.

Download Hola Ad Remover on Chrome Web Store

Hulu Ad Blocker: Ad Blocker When You Watch Hulu

hulu ad blocker

Hulu Ad Blocker is a regular ad blocker that is specifically made to block Hulu ads. This adblocker works by injecting code into Hulu’s video player to block ads without the website even noticing the ad blocker.

Download Hulu Ad Blocker on Chrome Web Store

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Adblock: You Can Now Stop Seeing Video Ads That Can’t Be Skipped

Adblock for chrome, one of the best ad blockers for Chrome

AdBlock is one of the best ad blockers for Chrome. It is well-known to block pop-up ads, but it also works to block banner ads and YouTube ads. This adblocker is amazing and doesn’t require anything other than installing it from Chrome Web Store. You can keep being anonymous using this Chrome extension.

Adblock is also safe. It doesn’t track your browsing history and other browsing data. You can now enjoy browsing without having to see ads anymore.

Amazingly, this Chrome extension has been used by over 10 million Chrome users worldwide. It has almost 300K of reviews. You can browse the web safer, faster, and you can also add some websites to the whitelists. It also has a dark mode and a variety of themes. Another bonus is that you can replace some ads with pictures of cats, dogs, or landscapes.

Download Adblock on Chrome Web Store

uBlock Origin: Simple Ad Blocker That Doesn’t Cost So Many Resources

 uBlock Origin for chrome

uBlock Origin is one of the simplest ad blockers you can download. This adblocker doesn’t cost too much of your PC’s resources, so you can keep browsing the web as fast as possible, without experiencing any slow down caused by this extension.

Just like other Chrome extensions, this ad blocker can pick which sites are found to show ads, and which sites aren’t. You can also hide video ads and banner ads. You can keep browsing without worrying to get infected by some malware and website ad tracker.

Amazingly, this adblocker has been used by over ten million Chrome users worldwide and has 22K reviews.

Download uBlock Origin on Chrome Web Store

Fair Adblocker by (

Fair Adblocker by STANDS for chrome

Fair AdBlocker is one of the best ad blockers for Chrome, and it has been used by over 10 million Chrome users. It has 130K reviews.

This adblocker does block pop-up ads, banner ads, even ads that show on email, and also ads on Facebook and YouTube videos. This adblocker enables you to block many types of ads, especially ads that are annoying.

Fair AdBlocker has been praised because of its robust pop-up blocking, better than some pop-up ad blockers. It is completely free, faster, and more efficient than some ad blockers.

Download Fair AdBlocker on Chrome Web Store

Windscribe: a Combination of VPN and Ad Blocker

vpn and ad blocker at the same time

Windscribe is just another one of the best ad blockers for Chrome I’ve ever used. Windscribe isn’t for most people, but some people who use VPN or proxy to browse the web anonymously might find themselves get trap in a website full of annoying ads. This Chrome extension solves that problem.

Most blocked websites are the majority of websites that have annoying ads, like double pop-ups, and even contain malware. Windscribe works together to block trackers, ads, and bypass blocked websites while at the same time protecting your privacy.

To use this ad blocker, you have to sign up with your email account and confirm your account creation. This Chrome extension offers you a different plan, and you can upgrade to a better plan for a better browsing experience.

Download Windscribe on Chrome Web Store


adguard is also one of the best chrome ad blockers

AdGuard is an ad blocker for Chrome that can block almost all ads on every website you visit, YouTube videos, and other social media websites. Including pop-up that is annoying.

This is a simple Chrome extension, but it can also block website ad tracking, and prevent websites from giving direct downloading that is suspicious. This can increase the website speed and make your browsing experience better.

Amazingly, this adblocker has been used by over six million users across the globe and has 48K reviews. This is not just one of the best ad blockers for Chrome, but also obviously one of the most popular among Chrome users.

Download AdGuard on Chrome Web Store

Adblock Plus ( Ad Blocker That Only Shows Safe and Non-Intrusive Ads

Adblock Plus (ABP) for chrome

Adblock Plus is also one of the best Chrome ad blockers. It blocks ads that track your activity and prevent you to download suspicious files from ads. But, this ad blocker shows acceptable ads that are rare find for users to see and that isn’t annoying.

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Most websites today depends on ads to gain revenues, and some websites actually show relevant, not annoying ads like banner and text. Google Ads is one of them. This adblocker doesn’t block that kind of ad, but, you can modify the extension to add more features.

Download AdBlock Plus on Chrome Web Store

Ghostery: Enhanced Ad Blocker to Protect Your Privacy in Chrome

Ghostery for chrome, one of the best ad blockers for Chrome

Ghostery is just another great ad blocker for Chrome. But it has the advantage to protect your privacy by blocking social media ad trackers and website cookies so your personal data and preferences would not be sent to the sites you’re visiting. Ads used a tracker to know what you like by tracking your activities on the internet, so they can show you more relevant ads.

If you’re annoyed by websites or social media that are tracking you, you can use this ad blocker. It will also block banner ads, pop-up ads, and other annoying ads you may find on the internet.

This is one of the best ad blockers for Chrome, and it has been used by over two million Chrome users worldwide.

Download Ghostery on Chrome Web Store

Easy Ad Blocker: Block Many Ads

easy ad blocker

Easy AdBlocker can block video ads, banners, pop-ups, crypto miners, phishing websites, and make websites load faster.

It has been used by over 100K users and has 300 reviews.

Download Easy Ad Blocker on Chrome

Poper Blocker: One of The Best Pop-Up Blocker

best popup blocker

Poper Blocker is a little different than most ad blockers on Chrome. It is specifically purposed to block pop-up ads. You can use this Chrome extension to block overlays, pop-ups, pop-unders, scroll pop-ups, and any kind of pop-up ads you may have seen on the internet.

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When you use this ad blocker, you will see a simple notification telling you that a pop-up was just blocked. Poper Blocker also offers users blocking statistics, so you can monitor how many pop-ups have been blocked.

This specific function of Poper Blocker makes users can use another ad blocker at the same time. It has been used by over two million users and has 74K reviews.

Download Poper Blocker on Chrome Web Store

Comodo Ad Blocker

simple ad blocker

Comodo AdBlocker is an ad blocker made by Comodo. It has the same open-source codebase used by over 50 million people so that it blocks ads that contain malware, data tracking, and any kind of display ads including banner ads.

The adblocker has been used by over 2000 people and has 200 reviews.

Download Comodo Ad Blocker on Chrome Web Store

Ad Blocker Global

ad blocker global

Ad Blocker Global is just a regular, popular ad blocker that has been used by over 30K users. It can block Facebook ads, YouTube video ads, and any display ads. It has great 64 reviews, and you can use it entirely for free.

Download Ad Blocker Global on Chrome Web Store

Chrome has many great extensions you can use for free, and one of them is the best ad blocker for Chrome most users have used. You can now make the internet yours again, and just be aware that blocking ads makes it harder for websites to gain revenues, and risks you from getting free content on the internet.


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