What Are EMZ Files and How Do You Open Ones?

Did you find a strange EMZ file that you have no idea about? Here is what EMZ files are and how to open them in Windows.

what are emz files and how do you open ones

There are always strange extensions that you barely know about, including these EMZ files. Here’s what EMZ files are and how to open the files on Windows.

What are EMZ files?

EMZ files which are usually referred to as Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile, are usually used to store graphics for Microsoft apps like PowerPoint and Word. It’s compressed with .GZIP compression algorithm to reduce file size.

EMZ files are rarely used by users, so there aren’t many apps that can open the file extension. As said earlier, the easiest way to open EMZ files is by using Microsoft Office apps.

How to open EMZ files

You can do this on any version of Windows, including Windows 11 and Windows 10.

Open a Microsoft Office apps, like Microsoft Word. Go to the Insert tab, then select Pictures. Browse for an EMZ file. Open it.

You can also drag and drop the EMZ file to the Microsoft Office app to open and view it.

There’s always a moment when you find a strange and rarely used file extension, like the EMZ file extension. Opening EMZ files turns out to be easy, and you only need a Microsoft Office app to do that.

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