How To Enable the Dark Mode on Google Docs

Stop hurting your eyes with the glare from the light theme. Here’s how to enable the dark mode on Google Docs on the web and Android/iPhone.

google docs dark mode

Google Docs doesn’t really provide a dark mode on its platform. But you can still do it with a few extra methods that can be done in just a few minutes. Here’s how to enable the dark mode on Google Docs.

Dark theme is a crucial part of the user interface these days. It makes it easier for you to read at night and remove glare, making it more productive to work on your documents with Google Docs.

Google Docs only provide the dark mode feature on the mobile app (Android/iOS). But you have to install a browser extension or add-on to get the dark theme.

How to enable the dark mode on Google Docs

On the desktop

If you use Chrome or Chrome-based browsers like Microsoft Edge, you can use the Dark Reader extension to enable the dark themes for all sites. You can disable it for particular sites, and customize dark theme settings for each of any sites you regularly visit.

Download Dark Reader on Chrome Web Store

Select Add to Chrome to install. Follow the next instruction on your browser until it’s done installing.

enable the dark mode on google docs

After installed, click the extension icon for Dark Reader when visiting Google Docs on your browser. Click On to turn it on.

dark read

It instantly applies the dark theme.

google docs dark mode

On iPhone and Android

Simply open the Google Docs app. Select the hamburger menu. Select Settings.

google docs on android

Select Choose theme. Select Dark to turn the dark theme. You can also set it by battery saver of your phone to make it automatic.

dark mode option

Working with Google Docs will get easier once you turn on the dark theme at night or at any time you want a convenient easy-to-read display to stop hurting your eyes from the glare.

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